Retail - Gestion des Boutiques

Carte Cadeau - Support et Accompagnement dans la gestion de votre société

Ensemble, nous travaillons la création et le lancement de votre projet, Mode, Luxe et Retail

Acting as coach, consultant, mentor but mostly business development manager and interim manager, we work alongside your Team or yourself from strategy to execution.

We ensure you have a vision, values and an action plan that we can deliver to ensure we set up and grow a sustainable and scalable business.

Whether you plan to set up a Boutique or a Fashion Brand or you currently have one and want to make it more profitable, our gift card and services will help you understand from the start how to build strong foundations. 
We will share the mistakes that others have made to ensure you beat the competition.

Our values are about honesty and transparency.
If you just want a "Yes Man", GFM is not for you.

This GIFT CARD has no expiry date and can be used anytime over 1 or several interactions.

Option 1
£130 + VAT - 1 hour consultation + preparation -

Option 2 
£450 + VAT - 4-hour consultation + preparation

Option 3 
£850 + VAT - 1-day consultation + preparation

Option 4 
£3600 + VAT - 5-day Fashion and Retail 1-2-1 Masterclass - Preparation and follow up included -

The time can be broken down into as many sessions as the client wants over the period the client will decide. We will give you advice and help you implement the action plan
See us as a doer: draft your procedure manual, provide training, build a list of targeted buyers, connect with potential agents, call specific buyers...

You will be equipped to set up and manage your business more profitably. 
You will not make the sames mistakes your competition has made every season. 
Failing to get a proper ROI from a a trade show can easily cost you £3000 to £7000.
In addition to understanding the process and steps to build a successful global Fashion Brand or boutique, we will share management tools to ensure you know how to prioritise your time, better recruit and manage your team and partners, how to resist the pressure and how to feel confident even in areas which are your worst nightmares (accounting, finance, funding, contract, selling, how to find buyers, how to get orders, ...).
We will also deliver business templates which some of them are worth hundreds and even thousands of pounds.

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Level (1 hour-5 days)


We welcome your call or email to better understand your project or current business and ensure there is a fit. We want to ensure all your questions and concerns.

We can tailor made a GIFT CARD to a specific objective you have for the person you want to impress and work out a budget that fits your investment.

Every Gift Card has a permanent validity. No expiry date. 
Can be transferred to another person. 

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