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Argent €180 HT / Or €360 / Platinium €720

The GFM FASHION VIP Service is a unique opportunity for you to have your own “executive director” at a fraction of the cost. It is a way of you getting top quality Brand or Retail development, sales advice and/or coaching without the huge price tag that normally goes with it!

It provides Young Designers or Start Ups running a Fashion Brand and Retail business with a wealth of field experience at wholesale and retail levels gained both in Europe and the US. All the experience shared with you will be based on real case studies. All tasks can be conducted on a consultancy or interim management basis.

What you get:

  • Expert Fashion business advice : email, telephone, skype support or face to face
  • 3 commitment levels to fit your needs and budget
  • Director level expertise without the overheads
  • Field experience on all Fashion related issues – response to your queries within 48 h (85% within 24 hours)
  • Valuable sounding board for all the decisions you are making
  • Access to tried and tested forms or templates
  • Discounts on other GFM products and services ( including partners - photography, Open to buy plan, e-marketing, agent-distributor search, buyers’ match making, ...)
  • Access training, seminars, workshops

The results you can expect:

  • Saving time and money and avoiding many mistakes other Designers or Retailers make
  • Understanding what is international Best Practice when building a global Brand or Retail store and having it implemented now and not later
  • Establishing clear vision, values and goals for the Brand / Creating the business plan
  • Better definition of your Brand positioning
  • Getting new sales opportunities – identifying the right buyers & setting up a process to convert them
  • Maximising your trade show investment / Getting more out of your agents or distributors
  • Understanding how to maximise your relationship with the fashion stakeholders
  • Improving the efficiency between the different departments in the company
  • Better recruiting, training and motivation of the Management & Operations Team
  • Improving time management and problem solving
  • Having a sounding board available every day: empowerment to better manage your stock, your people and your Brand or retail business.

3 niveaux d'engagement existent:

ARGENT - 2 heures - € 180 HT
Or - 5 heures -  € 360 HT
Platinium - 12 heures - € 720 HT

Choississez votre niveau ci-dessous.
Le niveau peut être modifié ou interrompu à tout instant.
En tant que Start Up ou Jeunes Créateur, vous pouvez aussi reporter les heures de ce mois sur le mois suivant.
Vous gardez toute la flexibilité dans son utilisation afin de s'adapter à vos besoins et votre emploi du temps.

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“This is a service I recommend to everyone who wants to accelerate and take their business more seriously to the next level. Highly recommended.” 
Marguerite D. S. - London

“I really enjoy working with my expert, he challenges me on the way I run the business and the coaching/mentoring is helping me make it more effective and profitable. He makes me see things through different eyes. Even after a year, he still makes me take a step back and look at the bigger picture. I would 100% validate his logic and advice. The exchange has also made me work more effectively. It has also motivated me to try new and different ideas in the business, to see what works best for us. It has made a significant difference to the business, a definite improvement.” 
Geraldy A. - Oslo

"Once again you are helping me to assess things from different angles. I had never even considered this... (really like the way you think) Will work in this direction (feels right) and advice shortly where it takes me... Appreciate the fact you took the time to really think about this and give me this valuable Food for Thought."
Adolfo F. - Montevideo

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    • Jeunes Créateurs, Start ups, Directeur Commercial, PDG, Directeurs PME

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