Création de votre Marque - 1 journée

Conseil et Accompagnement de la Stratégie à l'Execution

A 1-2-1 Workshop to set up and grow your Fashion Brand - Delivered online until we can meet

This service is a unique opportunity for you to have your own “executive director” at a fraction of the cost. 
It is a way of you getting top quality Brand or Retail development, sales advice and/or coaching without the huge price tag that normally goes with it! 
It provides new Fashion Investors, CEOs, Young Designers or Start Ups to benefit a wealth of field experience at wholesale and retail levels gained both in Europe and the US.

All the experience shared with you will be based on real case studies. All tasks can be conducted on a consultancy or interim management basis. 

If you are lacking a clear strategy, vision or measurable goals for your Brand or Retail business,
If you are not getting the most from your staff, your marketing budget, your stock, 
If you are perhaps wasting money when investing in a trade show, 
If you are not getting the best from the recruitment and management of your agents or distributors, 
If you are not always able to choose the best Fashion partners (manufacturers, PR companies, consultants, buyers, …) and you feel it ends up wasting time and lowering your ROI 
If you are looking to give the Management Or Operations Team more skills, tools or business resources to perform better, 
If you are frustrated by problems which are not fixed fast enough or opportunities not being grabbed,

then this 1-day (8 hours) workshop together is for you.

The results you can expect: 

  • Saving time and money and avoiding many mistakes other Designers or Retailers make
  • Understanding what is international Best Practice when building a global Brand or Retail store and having it implemented now and not later 
  • Establishing clear vision, values and goals for the Brand / Creating the business plan
  • Better definition of your Brand positioning 
  • Getting new sales opportunities – identifying the right buyers & setting up a process to convert them 
  • Maximising your trade show investment / Getting more out of your agents or distributors
  • Understanding how to maximise your relationship with the fashion stakeholders
  • Improving the efficiency between the different departments in the company 
  • Better recruiting, training and motivation of the Management & Operations Team
  • Improving time management and problem solving 
  • Having a sounding board available every day: empowerment to better manage your stock, your people and your Brand or retail business.


NB We recommend that these 8 hours together be split in 3 to 4 sessions to optimise the results of the interaction.

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PS - After payment, please connect with us to organise how and when we will communicate.
We will send you a questionnaire to understand your project, your brand or Retail business to maximise time and be more productive.
Do send your full contact details.

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