Detail - Arrêter de maltraiter et d'ignorer votre stock!

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As we look back on 25 years' experience in stock or inventory management / open to buy both in the USA, Europe with over 400 clients, we realise that many Brands or Retailers fail to properly recognised the importance of the stock in improving sales, profits and customer traffic. 

As a multilabel store, your Cost Of Good Sold (COGS) could represent 40 to 55% of your net sales.
As a mono Brand store, your COGS could represent 15 to 35% of net sales.
And yet, nearly all Retail events will not discuss how you can do a better buying.

Let me tell you a little story:

L'Art et la Science dans l'Acte d'Achat

L’analyse des ventes (et du stock) se situe au croisement de ces deux fonctions majeures
dans la gestion d’une boutique:
l'Art et la Science.

Savant dosage entre
le coté artistique consistant à repérer les tendances et sélectionner le style, les modèles, couleurs.. qui vont séduire votre clientèle, et
une approche de type scientifique afin de savoir quelle quantité acheter et quand faire venir la marchandise.

Cette approche va vous permettre tres concrètement d’augmenter les ventes, de diminuer les remises et d’augmenter les profits.
Est-ce important en période de crise? C'est même vital car toute erreur d'achat aura des conséquences dramatiques sur votre trésorerie et si les ventes sont en baisse, il faut éviter cela!

Marche Americain - Quelle est la difference entre FOB et DDP?

Les articles Américains demeurent essentiellement en Anglais car il est essentiel que l'exportateur se familiarise avec les mots que l'acheteur et l'agent US utiliseraient.

As you are looking to export your collection, you are bound to deal with INCOTERMS.

Those International Commercial Terms fix clearly the responsibilities between the Buyer and the Seller and who pays for transport, insurance, taxes and duties.

FOB refers to Free On Board. The Seller's responsibilities stop when he puts the goods on a plane or boat in his home country. Accordingly, the Buyer must take responsibilites for anything happening after that such as transport from the port/aiport till the store in the USA as well as duty.

Article - Comment atteindre le $1M aux USA!

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Before we go any further, I need to get something off my chest.  

Let’s call it the Gold Rush Syndrome.  

Have you any idea how many British and European Brands have decided, very often at the last minute, to attend U.S. trade shows and then recruit local agents with little or no preparation? 

Does it sound like a brilliant strategy?  Really?  In so many cases it cost them considerable time and money.  But it really doesn’t have to be this way.  If you’re planning to take your brand to the USA, my top tip can be summed up in one word and a lot of hard work: PREPARATION!  

Campagne Presidentiele Americaine Trump vs Biden: Lien avec la Mode

Congratulations to the people of the United States of America who have made their choice for the winning ticket for the Presidential election.

A landmark victory by the number of people who have voted in a Presidential election.

Why discuss this election and what is the link with Fashion? 

Welcome to Joe Biden and Kamala Harris as President elect and Vice President elect who will take office in January 2021.

The question we should ask ourselves is:
How far back shoud we start preparing for this winning election? 

How much preparation and time do you need in Fashion before you launch your production, you recruit a sales rep, you launch your e-commerce website, you recruit an intern, web developer, pr company or COO (chief operating officer) ...?

Bonne et Heureuse Année 2021

We understand that it has been a tough year. However, we need to remain positive and remember that behind chaos there is always an opportunity.
It is your opportunity to shine!

The pandemic has a silver lining in the sense that we will leave behind things which were bad in the past and we will embrace the good things moving forward.

Starting today, we will invest in us. Invest in you! You know, you're worth it.

To you and the Family, we wish you a Healthier, Happier and more Prosperous NEWYEAR 2021.

We have always been here and we are even more today by your side to support and join you in the business of fashion. 
Together, we help you as a Designer, you as a Brand owner and you as a Retailer monetise the business.  We bring a plan, hard work around your assets like you, your team, your stock, your Brand and your vision with the values of caring, honesty and transparency.

Salon Who's Next - Comment operer la transition sans douleur

We understand how you feel. We feel the same and your collegues we work with or talk to have shared how challenging the last 2 seasons have been.

Who's Next is cancelling the January 2021 Session of Who's Next and making a combined event from March 5th to 7th 2021 which will unite Who's Next and Premiere Classe.

Experts cannot join the Show on this exceptional occasion due to the pandemic.
However, GFM Founder Thierry Bayle who acts as Expert for the Show believes that this should not prevent us from sharing valuable information.

We have decided to take action.

A Retail Webinar (in French *) will be conducted the week end the Show should have taken place in January.
Watch the space and Register to attend this free webinar on Saturday January 23rd 2021 11am GMT / 12pm (France-CET-GMT+1).

Comment batir sa marque de Mode en 10 semaines

Looking to beat the crisis we are facing and serious about launching or scaling up your Fashion Brand?

Fed up of losing your savings, family and friends money and looking to learn the business of fashion in ten weeks?

Looking to learn how to successfully monetise your brand in 2021?

Then the free webinar on December 10th is for you.

Post Pandemic Business Powerpack

You will learn things you do not find in most brand building debates, forums or panel discussions.
Your business will discover what have made Brands succeed whether during a pandemic or not.

Formation gratuite - Comment batir votre marque au niveau international

Are you frustrated that it is harder than you thought to set up and build a profitable Fashion Brand?
Are you still searching for the top tips to launch your Brand?
Do you want to grow sales and reach more buyers this season?
Are you looking to reach your next $1 million business at wholesale or retail/ Online?
Are you looking for a trusted advisor?
Are you searching for a continuous improvement state of mind?
Are you looking for funding?
Do you need a better process to find the right buyers and convert them?
Do you need to get paid on time by all your clients?
Do you need to access a database of agents and distributors worldwide?

We can help.
Call us if you are in a hurry however do check the webinar below about

Export Brand building and how to build a global and profitable Brand - Top 6 Ps for success.

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