Comment reussir en tant que Fabricant

As we are often approached by Manufacturers we want to highlight a few points of relevance if you have a factory and you want to pivot in the current turbulent times we are facing.

Opportunity 1 - Build your Brand

Often your experience and skills are second to none and you have the creativity (and manufacturing capability) to design and market your collection to international Buyers.
The margins as you know are vey generous.
The market is changing, the Consumer is happy to hear from you directly and you can start building the foundations before you make any substantial investment.

Check this programme which will help you make your Dream a Reality.

If you feel that you are planning to launch the Brand project within the next 6 to 18 months then consider this programme as it will save you time and money. 

Book your call here and access the resources from Global Fashion Management and the London Fashion Business Academy.

Mesures exceptionnelles - Comment vous aider?

Nous vous remercions pour votre visite car on vit un moment très spécial et nous ne souhaiterions pas que vous abandonniez votre projet, votre rêve, votre business pour les mauvaises raisons.

Nous n'abandonnons pas un Client ou un prospect dans les moments difficiles.
Venez nous parler.

Acceptez l'esprit critique. Il ouvre des portes d'opportunités tout particulièrement dans ces moments ou la plupart des gens craignent le changement.

C'et VOTRE opportunité de gagner.
Le coronavirus se terminera. Sachez rebondir plus vite que vos concurrents. Investissez des aujourd'hui sur la formation de la Direction Générale, valider votre vision, vos valeurs, votre business plan, les process, la formation du personnel ...

Ensemble pour réussir!

Wholesale / Retail - 4 heures de conseil, audit opérationnel, formation, accompagnement ou mise en place   
Prix normal € 550 HT                                  Ce mois-ci: € 275 HT

Wholesale / Retail - 1 journee de conseil, audit, formation, execution - 8 heures
Prix normal €1000 HT  (8 heures)           Ce mois ci: € 500 HT (8 heures)


Agissons aujourd'hui Tel (+33) 01 7660 7078. WhatsApp +44 7951 198 769 (on parle et on repond en Francais)

Regardez la video pour en savoir plus.

Detail - Indicateurs de performance

Flying a plane is like running a retail business, it requires a dashboard and key performance indicators to drive a better business.

There is no other way to make your boutique or E-commerce business more profitable.
You may reach your goals by luck however, one day, it will go wrong and you will have no data to know what went wrong, when it went wrong, who got it wrong and therefore how to fix it.

Gestion du temps et des priorités - Citations à méditer.


What will break or make your business succeed is time and priority management.
How do you rate yourself?
Do you regularly procrastinate tasks which are important in the business and do yu just focus on the easy ones, the ones you love doing or those which are urgent but not important?

Let's check what other Business people say about Time Management and let's review some other great quotes from business leaders or successful people ...

Douglas Reid - Xerox Corp
"Management has the responsibility to explain to the employee how the routine job contributes to the business's objective. If management cannot explain the value of the job, then it should be eliminated and the employee reassigned."

Anthony Robbins- Motivational Speaker
"If you do what you've always done, you'll get what you 've always gotten."

Richard Branson - Founder Virgin Group
“One of my favorite tricks is to conduct most of my meetings standing up. I find it to be a much quicker way of getting down to business, making a decision and sealing the deal. When given the opportunity I often like to take things a step further – literally, with a walking meeting.”
“I think the number one thing that I take with me when I’m traveling is the notebook… I could never have built the Virgin Group into the size it is without those few bits of paper.” “If you have a thought but don’t write it down, by the next morning it may be gone forever.” 

Read those from ...

Pourquoi les clients aiment notre approche pour l'achat / merchandising


Winning @ Retail Advantage.

With our partner Management One™, we have become the Trusted Authority in Merchandise Planning and Open to Buy.

Clients' benefits
Have the right product at the right time in the right quantity.
Forecasting sales at over 90% accuracy.
Reduce average stock level by up to 30%.
Constant critical thinking to grab growth opportunities.
Improvement of the Retail KPIs

KPI - Discounts: Traditionally, the total yearly discounts should not exceed  10/15% of net sales in a multilabel environment and the total discounts should not exceeding 25/30% of net sales in a mono brand environment.
Check that your stock does not represent more than 2/4 months of sales (possibly less if you bring fresh goods every week/every month).


1.We take the time to understand the operational and expense side of your retail business.

a.Semi Annual Break Even analysis
b.Cash flow
c.Dashboard to monitor KPIs
d.Annual Profit Potential Worksheet
e.Annual SWOT-POP (Problems, Objectives and Priorities) to redefine objectives and goals

Comment les USA deviennent un cimetiere pour les marques Europeennes

We had an insightful conversation with a British Client just recently.
As we were talking about the USA, he stated
"The USA has been a graveyard for UK Brands".

He was right, 100% right.
Why so many failures? Why can't we find the true reasons for this situation?

We have a thorough understanding of the USA, field experience and many contacts and let's share with you why the business owner compared it to a graveyard.

Croyance - J'ai toutes les compétences pour devenir un jeune Créateur

La plupart des jeunes Createurs pensent posséder toutes les compétences et expérience nécessaires pour établir leurs marques et la bâtir au niveau mondial.

Souvent, ce que nous oublions c'est que pour créer et lancer une Marque de Mode profitable il faut
* devenir un "Business Designer" c'est-à-dire être un Créateur gestionnaire et manager. 
* aborder la marque comme un Business et non comme un hobby

En l'absence de ces 2 points, la London Fashion Business Academy permet à chaque Créateur de posséder plus de 25 ans d'expérience internationale avec les différents acteurs de la Mode.

10 Règles d'Or pour réduire vos remises - et augmenter votre marge commerciale!

When you have more items on sale rails than on the rest of the floor, there are a number of things you can do, however, rolling your eyes and blaming the increasingly unpredictable weather or economy shouldn't be one of them.  

The only rolling going on should be you rolling up your sleeves and taking serious action.  If you want to make more money from your stock, it's time to start working in a different way.

Please note that the comments below refer to a multilabel store however the logic applies to all mono brand stores.

Le Webinar Fashion que vous attendiez pour grandir pendant la pandemie

You know you have a powerful creativity that can transform the lives of the people around you and the followers you have.
You make us feel good, you enrich our lives and you make a rainy day look like sunshine.

Furthermore, in a complex and unpredictable environment, why stay alone?

If you want to go fast, go alone. (We would add "May be")
If you want to go far, go together!

Join us for a Free Webinar that will change the way you see Fashion and how easier it can be to start up, manage and scale up your Fashion Brand.

Prepare this 1 question that is holding you back and submit it.

Our 100% commitment is clear: We will answer it on the webinar or post webinar.*

Vos questions peuvent venir en Français et nous y répondrons en Français si vous le souhaitez.

Etats-Unis: Comment augmenter les ventes?

The USA Market offers every Brand an opportunity for success however it can reveal itself as a difficult market if you refuse to learn how it works.

We will share what we have been abe to do with people to help them grow sales in the USA in less than 4 hours.

As Fashion Brands were fed up to go there unprepared and therefore losing thousands of dollars, they have asked GFM how we could help.
We came up several years ago with the "#USAWorkshop" which delivers to your Team and yourself what you need to know before you go.
You will learn the mistakes that other brands have made and there is much more to say than what this blog post can ever take!

The best quote we were provided was
“This workshop is the Rolls Royce of Fashion information on the US market”
PARVEEN COUTURE – Farakh Parveen

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