Salon Who's Next - Comment operer la transition sans douleur

We understand how you feel. We feel the same and your collegues we work with or talk to have shared how challenging the last 2 seasons have been.

Who's Next is cancelling the January 2021 Session of Who's Next and making a combined event from March 5th to 7th 2021 which will unite Who's Next and Premiere Classe.

Experts cannot join the Show on this exceptional occasion due to the pandemic.
However, GFM Founder Thierry Bayle who acts as Expert for the Show believes that this should not prevent us from sharing valuable information.

We have decided to take action.

A Retail Webinar (in French *) will be conducted the week end the Show should have taken place in January.
Watch the space and Register to attend this free webinar on Saturday January 23rd 2021 11am GMT / 12pm (France-CET-GMT+1).

Le nouveau rôle du vendeur en magasin en 2020!

Le fondateur de GFM est aussi un Expert dans le cadre de Fashion Solutions / Retail Expert Club à Who's Next.

WHOS NEXT est LE Salon Francais International incontournable tant pour les exposants que pour les visiteurs et offrant à tous (et c'est rare!) l'opportunité de partager vos opportunités et défis avec une équipe d'experts dans la cadre du Salon.

Dans l'intervalle, nous vous offrons notre vision sur ce que doit être 

le nouveau rôle du vendeur en Boutique pour 2020!

Lisez et partager l'article sur les réseaux sociaux. Ecrivez-nous et partageons ensemble le succès.

Votre Expert et Mentor au Salon Parisien

Clients state that the Fashion Industry has become more complexe and unpredictable.
Do you agree?

At Pure London this season, a 10-year old Brand and a 20+year old Manufacturer and Retailer said that they did not know it all and one added "I don't know what I don't know".
The Brand realised that the USA market had nothing to do with his European experience and wasted over 3 seasons and over £20 000 doing the wrong things while trying to export to the United States.
The Manufacturer said a similar thing about building their own Brand abroad as a manufacturer. 

Is Retail different? Not at all.
A weak point that we see around the world and at Whos Next every season is BUYING & MERCHANDISING.

Take an appointment with GM Founder Thierry Bayle HERE.

Salon Whos Next - Premiere Classe: Experts et Workshops

WHOS NEXT / PREMIERE CLASSE se différencie des autres Salons par la mise en place d'un support gestion et management via des workshops, conférences mais aussi l'utilisation d'Experts pour discuter de votre projet, de votre marque Mode et de votre Boutique physique ou en ligne.

Fashion Solutions est la meilleure réponse Business pour vous aider à grandir.

Pour prendre rendez-vous avec les experts, enregistrez vous en ligne sur le site de Whos Next - au moment de l'enregistrement des billets - et contactez nous

Salon Who's Next - Partenarie de votre developpement

Today, as the business is becoming more complex and nobody knows it all, it is paramount for retailers and brands to benefit from support and assistance to cover many business questions they have.

Who's Next Tradeshow has spotted this need from Retailers many years ago and launched the RETAIL EXPERT CLUB. 
After a few years, it was obvious that 40 to 50% of the attendees and private meetings were requested by Brand owners.
The concept changed and was named FASHION SOLUTIONS. 

Today any visitor, exhibitor, Brand or Retailer can attend interactive and business insightful workshops free of charge. In addition, they can also have an individual session with an Expert against a nominal fee (€50).
GFM Founder is one of the Brand and Retail Expert for the show.

Salon Mode - 4 workshops - Comment augmenter la rentabilité?

Who's Next is presenting its 2nd session of Fashion Solutions
A dedicated space for you. A Business space which purpose is to help you set up and better manage your Fashioin Brand, store or project within the Fashion Industry.

The Founder of GFM bring a unique business insight to the workshops and individual meetings he will have with a memeber fo your team or yourself.

What to expect?
Opportunity to grow sales and profitability
Discover a new way to think and work
Ability to bring critical thinking - A message delivered with honesty and transparency
Opportunity to discuss any business isssues from strategy to execution across any stakeholders

Salon Who's Next - Experts Retail et Marque pour vous faire grandir

FASHION SOLUTIONS se développe au Salon Who's Next

Whos Next International Trade Show in Paris is providing even more business tools and tips to Buyers and Fashion Brands worldwide during the next season at the show.

It all started with an official launch of FASHION SOLUTIONS in September 2017: a space dedicated to the Business of Fashion and Retail.

* Retail and Brand products and Services including business advice, legal, finance, buying and merchandising and much more
* Start Ups and Tech Start Ups to grow your Fashion Brand and Retail Business (pop up, online or brick and mortar)

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