Bonne et Heureuse Année 2021

We understand that it has been a tough year. However, we need to remain positive and remember that behind chaos there is always an opportunity.
It is your opportunity to shine!

The pandemic has a silver lining in the sense that we will leave behind things which were bad in the past and we will embrace the good things moving forward.

Starting today, we will invest in us. Invest in you! You know, you're worth it.

To you and the Family, we wish you a Healthier, Happier and more Prosperous NEWYEAR 2021.

We have always been here and we are even more today by your side to support and join you in the business of fashion. 
Together, we help you as a Designer, you as a Brand owner and you as a Retailer monetise the business.  We bring a plan, hard work around your assets like you, your team, your stock, your Brand and your vision with the values of caring, honesty and transparency.

The first time a Client told us: "you care more about my business than I do", we did not know what the owner meant until we understood that we see the GREEN FLAG where the Brand sees a RED FLAG.
Where the Brand was seeing a GREEN FLAG, we were able to prove to the owner that it was actually a RED FLAG. The Brand owner did not know it yet.

Covid19 has changed many things and one of them is that the job market has changed and will continue changing at fast pace.

David Autor, Professor of Economics at MIT and Co-chair of the MIT Task Force on the work of the future, shared that an estimate of 65% of the work in 2018 were in jobs that did not exist in 1940. 
In the same interview on CNN, Jennifer Christie, Chief HR Officer at Twitter said that pre-pandemic less than 10% of the staff were working full time remotely.
During the pandemic, 1/3 of the work force was happily working full time remotely. 
UK survey showed that 90% of respondents wanted to work from home and 30% saw an increase in productivity and 30% saw a decrease in productivity (source: Cardiff University, University of Southampton).

How will this impact your Team (working from home or working from the office) and your retail operations as there may be less traffic to your stores and/or less people willing to take those retail positions in the stores?
Need to knwo how to better recruti the right peoplke?
Need for more training? 
Need to pay people more?
Need to help the staff be more digital savvy?
Need to improve productivity with people working from home?

... We can help you move forward in a productive way. 

From GFM and the London Fashion Business Academy, we have created a special gift for you.
Reach out and we will share it by return or axccess this page tomorrow January 2nd 2021.

happy new year


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