Innovation et Mode - Une Chaussure qui laisse une empreinte solide

Mestrae is a unique Fashion Footwear Brand.
Women have been complaining that wearing high heels is a pain and certainly a real pain if they were the high heels too ong.

MESTRAE came up with an interchangeable heel solution.

Traditionally, you just replkace a flat heel by another flat hell
a high heel by another high.
Today, Mestrae has managed to build the shoes so that you can actually exchange

Creation Africaine est au plus haut! Black Trash

More and more, we’re seeing serious fashion talent emerging from countries which are new to the international fashion map. Some of the most exciting young brands are emerging from Africa. While Nigeria is perhaps the continent’s fastest growing market, some of the hottest brands are coming from other African countries.

My top tip for a brand to watch is Black Trash, a Botswanan label. If you’re looking for an über-chic look to take you effortlessly from Gaborone to London, Paris, New York and beyond with some serious attitude, Black Trash is what you need!

GFM spoke to Kux, Black Trash’s Co-Founder and designer, to get the inside story. 

Marque Luxe - Roqaya

Jewellery designer Roqaya Al Ahmad has launched her first international collection, inspired by the colours and movement of the oceans, under brand name Roqaya’s Rocks.

Crafted using unique gems, crystals and pearls, each piece has been influenced by Roqaya’s travels, aesthetic sense and a passion for design which stems from her childhood.

After more than 15 years in the corporate world, between the oil and banking sectors in Kuwait City, she finally decided the time was right to follow her dreams by focusing on her true calling as a jewellery designer.

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