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Learn to Sell Your Fashion Brand in the USA

If you are planning to sell your fashion brand in the US (or are already selling there but with limited success), our unique workshop will take you through the detailed preparation process for setting up a successful business in the US.

The workshop is highly interactive and has been designed to make your learning curve as short as possible.
It is available as a webinarlive in Paris (and other worldwide destinations - call or email for more details) and it can also be delivered at your office

It will enable you to:

*Increase sales via trade shows, agents or connecting directly with buyers

*Know how to speak to American buyers & meet and exceed their expectations

*Assess and decide on the right strategy and action plan

*Avoid making the mistakes your competitors have already made

*Understand the different sales channel options (advantages & disadvantages)

*Understand how to identify the right agent(s) and know the pitfalls

*Know how to assess & prepare your next trade show and how to maximise the return on investment

*Import the goods in an optimised way & set up the LDP price list

*Reduce payment of duty – Saving up to 50% on what you currently pay

*Understand how to position your brand in the market, using the terms which will be understood by American buyers

*Set up the process to collect information on your buyers & be paid

*Use the right terms and conditions for your order form

*Understand how US companies succeed in their own market

*Understand the benefits and difficulties of dealing with Department Stores …

We are looking to fine tune the presentation, delivery and business templates we share with you. 
We want them to be aligned on your goals.
Do share your objectives with us.

100% Money Back Guarantee
#1 Most Comprehensive USA Workshop

NB - Some Brands have realised that the sales and marketing plan and skills we recommend for the USA is not even done within their domestic market in Europe. 
This workshop will help you increase sales in Europe when attending trade shows and working with agents.  

The workshop will be led by Thierry Bayle, Founder of Global Fashion Management. Thierry has more than 20 years of hands-on experience in the US fashion industry and regularly advises UK and European brands on how to set up and improve their US operation as well as how to work effectively with agents. 
He set up a business in New York where he managed $40m. 
He represented the Magic Show for several years and has personally worked with more than 50 US agents as well as connecting with over 1000 boutiques and department stores. He works with brands across the board, from high end to start-ups. 
Thierry knows how to generate orders and how to set up a sustainable and growing business.


International Brands who have attended our USA workshops include 
Angel Eye; Braintree; Chantal Simard; Cocoa Cashmere; Delmod; Denisonboston; Kitten D'Amour; Lipsy; Mina UK; Marianna G; Paule Ka; Penfield; Pomodoro; Smalto; What Katie Did; Popupshop; Chokolat Kids; Bolongaro Trevor; … As well as government organisations and trade shows/federations (UK Trade & Investment...)

NB If the webinar or Live Workshop is not right for you then select 
our 1-2-1 workshop (half day/ preparation/follow-up) at your office.
The investment will be: € 720 excluding VAT + travel expenses.

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