Brexit - Comment développer une nouvelle stratégie?

Today's guest on BBC 4 was right:
Jeremy Schwartz (CEO The body Shop ) "Get on a plane and start selling abroad".
Start also building your online business.

Brexit creates uncertainty as nobody knows precisely what the UK trading partners will grant to the UK.

It is therefore imperative for every organisation, Fashion  Brand and Retailer to embrace change and progress and start investment today.
The staff must be business creative and agile to respond to new trends and new conditions.

How to be successful in setting up and managing this new organisation?

Jardine of London - Interview avec le Créateur Mary Jardine

Opportunities and Challenges for a fashion Brand in 2018.

As we are moving in a world where the only constant is change, what are the opportunities and challenges that we face as a Brand.

Our interview with Mary Jardine is very insightful. 
Do you see 2018 as a glass half empty or half full?

Mary Jardine is the Founder of Jardine of London, luxury leather handbags made in England.

Comment ameliorer vos talents de negociation?

The Brexit negotiations are a good example of how you should manage negotiation for your Brand or Retail business.


The European Union has imposed that before we can talk about the trade deals, we must first discuss the 3 priorities below
* The divorce bill
* The rights of EU nationals currently living in the UK
* The border between Ireland and Northern Ireland

Brexit, un defi? Oui a 71%

71% of the respondents to the poll considered that BREXIT was a challenge.

How do you feel?

Let's discuss how we can make a challenge be an opportunity.

We want to ensure we can voice our concerns to the Government however our future is in our hand.

The only constant is change and the rate of change is accelerating exponentially so it is our responsibility as Business Owners to set up stronger foundations to swim and not sink before and after the Brexit.

Invest in processes, 

Invest in people. 

Do you accept critical thinking? Do your staff challenge you every month?

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