La mode Grecque s'exporte avec succes aux Etats-Unis

As GFM was organising its 2-day workshop in Athens on building a €1 million export business, some Greek Brand and Designers were very keen in getting a crash course on setting up and building a successful USA business.

They had analysed the marketplace, talked to Brands having already exhibited in the USA and realised that a real gap exists between selling in Europe and selling in the USA.

We have therefore decided to extend our stay and add 2 of our most favourites workshops organised on June 20th 2019:
1. Fashion USA Workshop - 4 hours
2. Retail Buying and Merchandising - 4 hours
How to get the right product at the right time in the right quantity

Rendez-Vous individuel

Designers appreciate the 2 options offered to them:
* Learning from the comfort of their office or home - Delivered through online courses
* Learning from a 1-2-1 session with an Expert or Mentor.

Set up your own individual and private appointment here.

Upon confirmation of your company, we will send you an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement).
We will also send you a quick questionnaire to fully understand your business, questions and expectations. 
We want this session to be as thought-provoking, business insightful and result oriented as possible. 

Secured Payment Page here.

AFFAIRES DU MOIS - Promotion du mois

Nous vous remercions pour votre visite et dans le cadre du lancement de plusieurs nouveaux produits, nous vous offrons la possibilité de travailler ensemble afin d'optimiser le developpement de votre marque ou votre boutique ou magasins et ainsi améliorer les ventes, la rentabilité et la trésorerie. 

Wholesale / Retail - 4 heures de conseil, audit opérationnel, formation, accompagnement ou mise en place  
Prix normal € 490 + TVA                 Ce mois-ci: € 290 + TVA

Agissons aujourd'hui Tel 01 7660 7078.

Regardez la video dans En Savoir +.

Comment ameliorer la gestion de vos achats

Discover international best practice when it comes to managing buying and merchandising in your store.

Sharing over 25 years' experience which allow us to forecast sales at over 90% accuracy.

Your best 5mn you will be investing today.

WATCH THE VIDEO and connect if you need more information.

Comment augmenter la performance Retail? Le tableau de bord du PDG

Merci pour votre compréhension. Bien que l'article soit en Anglais, nous répondrons à vos demandes en Français. N'hésitez pas à voir au RetailExpertClub à Who's Next (  2 au 5 Septembre 2016 ).

Our last retail appointments have highlighted a serious issue when dealing with Business Owners.
They do not have a dashboard to look at and therefore they fail to understand what is happening in their business.

On occasion,  they have a dashboard but it is the wrong one (make sure that there is enough critical thinking in the business and therefore the question is "who is coaching or mentoring the top management?" - Call us for advice). 

The purpose of this blog post is not to be THE dashboard you need to implement but it can certainly be a minimum you want to look at.

By sitting down together, we will understand your business, your goals and set up the dashboard in NO MORE THAN 4 HOURS. 
Let's not waste time or money.
Let's not delay taking action as we are never far away from some key months and retail has high fixed expenses from rent, stock and salary.

What should you review every 2 weeks or every month:

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Review our posts on social media. 
Share them and let us know how we can help you make your business more profitable.

Retrouvez nous à Who's Next ou le Fondateur de GFM, Thierry Bayle, anime un workshop quotidien gratuit. Prenez aussi rendez-vous pour un entretien individuel.

Business of Fashion - Formation Mode a Athenes

Export is the route to building a strong international profitable Brand.

Are you ready for it? Are you happy with your ROI at any Trade Show you exhibit at?
Are you happy from the results you get from your agents or distributors?
Does your team have the right training, experience, critical thinking, execution skills to deliver the results you have shared with them?

... We can help.

Join us with other Greek Brands on June 18th and 19th morning 2019 in Athens.


Croyance - J'ai toutes les compétences pour devenir un jeune Créateur

La plupart des jeunes Createurs pensent posséder toutes les compétences et expérience nécessaires pour établir leurs marques et la bâtir au niveau mondial.

Souvent, ce que nous oublions c'est que pour créer et lancer une Marque de Mode profitable il faut
* devenir un "Business Designer" c'est-à-dire être un Créateur gestionnaire et manager. 
* aborder la marque comme un Business et non comme un hobby

En l'absence de ces 2 points, la London Fashion Business Academy permet à chaque Créateur de posséder plus de 25 ans d'expérience internationale avec les différents acteurs de la Mode.

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