Bonne Annee 2020 - Rendez-Vous a Who's Next

As it is the New Year, it is about the New You.

To you, the Family and Friends, we wish you a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year.

As you have decided to focus on one of your strengths: your 20/20 vision, you will see all your Dreams come true!

Formation gratuite - Comment batir votre marque au niveau international

Are you frustrated that it is harder than you thought to set up and build a profitable Fashion Brand?
Are you still searching for the top tips to launch your Brand?
Do you want to grow sales and reach more buyers this season?
Are you looking to reach your next $1 million business at wholesale or retail/ Online?
Are you looking for a trusted advisor?
Are you searching for a continuous improvement state of mind?
Are you looking for funding?
Do you need a better process to find the right buyers and convert them?
Do you need to get paid on time by all your clients?
Do you need to access a database of agents and distributors worldwide?

We can help.
Call us if you are in a hurry however do check the webinar below about

Export Brand building and how to build a global and profitable Brand - Top 6 Ps for success.

Question sur Linkedin - Vous allez apprendre!

A very revealing post on Linkedin which shows how to manage a project.
It is not clear about what is the objective.

Check it out yourself and here are our comments.
Click on the like, comment. Check the comments. All make a selection (A or B) however few then provide an answer.

The person must have done on purpose not to ask for the reason so that you can see if spontaneously, people would provide the thought process.

Aide et support aux Jeunes Createurs a White City / Westfield

Global Fashion Management will be supported by Imperial College, White City, who has a strong foothold in the local community.

They work closely with local business owners and have next to them many companies and prestigious organisations, Brands and retailers like

BBC, Net A Porter, Westfield ...

Why not get your 2020 road map set up this December?
Would that be the best decision decision of the year? Get a structured plan even before you start 2020?

You will be working alongside a Fashion/ Retail expert.

Date: December 17th
Location: Imperial College White City
Investment: Free - Just come prepared to the workshop
Speaker: Thierry Bayle - Founder GFM & London Fashion Business Academy

La Mode et l'Univers du Cocktail

When you have a person who is passionate about Fashion and also likes cocktails then you are opening a brand new door.

It is the opportunity to see the ingredients you need to create this exceptional cocktail:
"Build Your Fashion Brand".

You need:

Présentation pour préparer 2020 avec succès

Join us for a FREE WORKSHOP to set up and grow a global and profitable Fashion Brand.

Opportunity to build the Blueprint for your Brand in 2020.

Date: December 17th 2019
Location: Imperial College, White City - London - 5mn walk from the Tube
Timing: 9.30am to 12pm

Bring your computer and any information you need to brainstorm and formalise your goals for 2020. 

LIMITED SPACE - Click and Register just below


Rachat de Tiffany par LVMH (Louis Vuitton)

On November 25th 2019, LVMH agrees to acquire Tiffany for $16.2B.

it is an opportunity to buy an iconic high-end jewellery Brand with a strong presence in the USA (40% of total sales), over 300 stores around the world and important opportunities for growth whether online, with millennials as well as with a destination like Asia.

Check the interview of GFM/ LFBA Founder Thierry Bayle on TRT WORLD - Money Talks.

Developing the Brand alongside LVMH is the guarantee to have the right people, the processes and tools to succeed in this growth strategy.

USA Europe -


As you are planning to exhibit in a foreign trade show in Europe (European Union) or the USA, you may want to offer the buyer a price list which includes duty.

Do you see it as a value-added?

If you do then here are links to help you do it.
And we can walk you through how to do it. We can even do it for you.

If you don't then I recommend you are getting yourself ready to lose many orders and give the wrong signals to the Buyers and other Fashion Stakeholders like Agents and even partners who would expect you to get the most from this expensive investment.

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