Comment grandir et se differencier en periode de crise - Echange Zureo / GFM-LFBA


"La formula para triunfar en la nueva normalidad"

Organisado por 
Zureo (Software especialista en negocios de ropa - y GFM
Cupos limitados.

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Entretien Televisee avec le fondateur de GFM sur TRT World

Interview en Anglais - Vos questions sont les bienvenues. Retrouvez Thierry Bayle a Whos Next en tant qu'Expert.

Big changes are looming large in the Fashion Industry especially as far as Fashion Weeks are concerned. Others changes must also take place.

Watch the interview of GFM Founder , Thierry Bayle, on TRT World as Gucci has decided to reduce the commitment they have made in the past:
they will move from 5 to 2 fashion shows per year.

St Laurent will not show at Paris Fashion Week this September 2020
Dries Van Noten alongside many other Designers are looking to see fundamental changes happening sooner rather than later. 
More people are looking for a more timely delivery of the goods. 
Why deliver shorts in January (in the northern hemisphere) when it is still very cold).

We are at a crossroad. If we want it, we will need to fight for it!

Ensemble pour réussir (jeunes créateurs, startup)

GFM has been supporting Startups, Young Designers, NewGen, SMEs and all those having a dream to monetise.
If you feel you have been ignored by the Industry then we want to hear from you and we want to help, guide and join you in the journey. This journey is about building a global and profitable Fashion Brand.

As we are organising a world weekly webinar, we want to make sure you gain the following from them:
1. Energy
2. Positivity
3. Business Solutions

100% Free.

Find the topic of the next few weeks. Bookmark this page and revisit it in the near future to get all the topics and date/time.
Register once and you will be automatically registered for all the webinars - Replays will exist.

On ne sait pas ce que l'on ne sait pas!

BREAKING NEWS (World Weekly Webinar) - COVID19 is here, make it your strength.

Gone are the days when we could say: 
"I know it all - I'll do it my way"(and going against the ideas coming from your Team & advisors). 

The coronavirus pandemic has shown all of us that we know little. We now understand that the more we read and learn, the more we need to read and learn. 
Do you agree?

The same applies to your Fashion Business or project.
Presidents, Prime Ministers and CEOs from Fortune500 have advisors or sounding boards. 
Why not us?

After 25 years in the business of fashion, GFM Founder can tell you with certainty that
"Today, Fashion Success is no more about what you know, it is about what you don't know".

Manager de l'Equipe d'Angleterre: Toujours apprendre

Some time ago, the Manager of the England Squad Gareth Southgate highlighted something we often forget:
"You're always learning...".

Whether we refer to the economy or sports, managing people and events is more complex. Change is the only constant and we all have no choice but to keep on learning!
By working with or studying the NFL or the Spanish and German Teams, Gareth Southgate and the England Squad have learnt a lot.

TIME SENSITIVE! - Webinar a voir or revoir - comment gerer son business en tant de crise?

In turbulent times, there will be winners and losers. 
Do you agree?

In which group do you want to be?

You are an entrepreneur. You have set up your business or planning to do so.
You want to show the world that you are resourceful, resilient and super business creative.

So let's get our dose of Energy, Positivism and Insightful Business top tips thanks to a webinar organised by 
Anton Dell (Founder of Anton Dell Fashion, Gift and Home Consultancy)
Tel +44 20 3861 8650 / and
Thierry Bayle (Founder of Global Fashion Management and the London Fashion Business Academy).

Videos pour developper une Marque mondiale

Are you frustrated with how much efforts and funding it takes to set up and launch a Fashion Brand?
Are you looking to get immediately premium business of fashion content to successfully build a global and profitable brand?

Then you are at the right place - Watch this webinar.

Learn the TOP 6 P's to build your Fashion Brand - Profitably!

2 Experts Internationaux nous présentent comment préparer l'après CoVid-19

Free Webinar for Brands and Agents-Distributors.

The Coronavirus crisis has taken us off guard however the end of the tunnel is near even though it may take a few months to come back to normal.
Actually, nothing will be the same and your business will have to re-invent the new normal.

2 World Fashion Experts and Mentors, Anton Dell and Thierry Bayle, will walk you through the challenges the Industry faces and what solutions are offered to you.

Don't stay alone, join us for this unique event with limited spaces and pick up the time that is most suitable to you. Register below. Share with friends and colleagues.

Comment gerer votre entreprise en tant de crise et reussir?


When we thought that the crisis of 2008 could not happen again, a worst situation is hitting us with the coronavirus.
It will be over and we will come out of it stronger and better, united and working together.  
Yet you must be ready for chaotic months ahead.

2 options are available: do nothing or do something valuable for you and your business.

We care and apart from staying safe and keeping your loved ones safe as well, we want you to take advantage of possible confinement due to covid-19 to start working on the business and not so much in the business.

What do you think? 
To support every business from startup to established Brands, together with Anton Dell, a veteran with 50 years of fashion experience, we have decided to organise a first free webinar on
How to manage your Business in turbulent times and thrive? How can Brands and Agents-Distributors work productively and create tomorrow's new normal?

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