USA 4-Hour Consulting & Operations

£200 - SPECIAL OFFER - Learn more, get more. We help you from Strategy to Execution.

Product Description: 4-hour consulting, auditing and training on any business issue relating to the set up and development of the USA market at Wholesale or Retail levels.

Get immediate international best practice. Learn the Golden Rules to follow. Avoid the mistakes made by your competitors.

Price: £200 + VAT 
A UK VAT invoice will be sent.

UK VAT invoice will be sent



1. Please ensure we have the right email and telephone/ Skype details for you and we will connect with you to organise a suitable time to deliver the 4-hour consulting. The time can be divided in 2 or more sessions.
We will
2. send you a questionnaire to ensure that we respond to your questions as well as highlight key opportunities and challenges you will be facing.
3. explain how to maximise the trade show investment at MAGIC (Coterie, Mrket...) or any other trade show. Very practically and at operations level, we will show how you should sell the Brand, talk to buyers and more generally prepare the show. It also included the step by step process pre and post show.
4. review your sales rep contract. We will highlight the pros and cons and how to rewrite the contract to protect the Brand's interests.
5. review all the Brand' documents and making them sound American. Key documents included in the above 4-h ptoduct:Order Form, Terms and Conditions, Invoice, Return Form, Sales emails.

Save money in the investment approach to the USA.
Increase sales by 20 to 300%.