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    * Founder of GFM is acting as Retail-Brand Expert,
    for Who's Next.

    *Appointments to discuss your wholesale & retail challenges.


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WHO'S NEXT is unique as a trade show as they offer a free & paid advice and consulting services to visitors, retailers and exhibitors.

It is your opportunity to be challenged by several experts to ensure you can profitably set up and grow your Retail store, E-commerce, pop-up or Fashion Brand.

The founder of GFM is an Retail & Brand Expert and has over 25 years' experience in building Fashion Brands and better managing store and e-Commerce businesses through a better management of your stock and people.
Every month, we deliver our merchandise plan to store like yours and we understand how to increase sales, profits and customer traffic.

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If the situation is urgent, connect with us now and we can start working on your case before you start /finalise the buying for next season.

Testimonial from previous Whos Next clients

"I noticed the expert had a deep knowledge about his job. His approach was very friendly, explanatory and convincing. I was influenced and convinced by the powerful knowledge, energy and friendship of the expert. Everything was explained with details during the assigned time. I believe we can have strong business relationship and we can profit from the experiences at maximum" Emre Kaya Turkey
"Abbiamo trovato il sig. Bayle molto preparato e in grado di metterci a nostro agio, nonostante le nostre lacune linguistiche. Lo ringrazioamo anche per i preziosi consigli, che non tarderemo a seguire." Alberto Claser Italy

Very constructive exchanges on different topics which overall allowed me to (re)think the real questions I need to ask myself." Johan B. France

"...everything was perfect except that the 1-2-1 meeting do not last long enough. Thank you so much for your very valuable and hands-on advice. Looking forward to seeing you again at Show time." Frederique Nidam France

NB In the message box, please share 2 appointment options (day and time) and the Expert will ensure to confirm one of them. This appointment can also be done when you register online on the Whos Next web site. Both options are good.

NB2 There are daily workshops on Retail and Brand opportunities and challenges (check the time/ language just before the show). 

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