Get real! Time to learn or Time to sell?

Get real. It's time to wake up.

It's not a time to learn, it's a time to sell.
In a nutshell, this is the answer we get from most Young Designers and SMEs (and retailers).

If you love videos then this one is for you: 4 reasons why we fail!

When we speak to Brands or those working with Brands, Fashion Brands just want to sell. They are just looking for buyers.

So Brands are in no way interested to learn how to do things.

A Chinese Proverb states
Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day;
Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.
Which one do you prefer?

What does GFM bring to your business?

The World has become more complex and unpredictable.
Do you agree?

As the only constant is change and change is accelerating exponentially,
what should you expect from your service providers or partners?

At GFM, clients know that working together is about

The truth on the Millennials by Simon Sinek

Simon's interview is to be watched if you are working or need to work with Millennials very soon.
You will get tremendous insight into what makes them tick.

An eye-opener. You won't regret it.

They are born in 1984 and after. They seem to be
* Tough to manage
* Entitled
* Unfocused
* Self Interested
* Lazy


All is good .... (so far should we add)

Over the last 4 weeks, we were discussing with 3 different prospects how was the business and the answer was simple:
"All is good - No problem".

Unlike other Brands, the owner was yet keen to open up to a candid conversation which we had after sending an NDA - non-disclosure agreement.

Then we both became serious and we started looking at real numbers, real measurable goals in the business. We did a real reality check on whether the business was prepared for a healthy 2018 end of the year and profitable 2019.

We both agreed that it was not going to be a smooth running over the next 12 to 18 months. WHY?

Black Trash - Botswana going Global!

More and more, we’re seeing serious fashion talent emerging from countries which are new to the international fashion map. Some of the most exciting young brands are emerging from Africa. While Nigeria is perhaps the continent’s fastest growing market, some of the hottest brands are coming from other African countries.

My top tip for a brand to watch is Black Trash, a Botswanan label. If you’re looking for an über-chic look to take you effortlessly from Gaborone to London, Paris, New York and beyond with some serious attitude, Black Trash is what you need!

GFM spoke to Kux, Black Trash’s Co-Founder and designer, to get the inside story. 

Halloween - Trick or Treat

Thank you for your support in 2018.  We enjoyed delivering our knowledge, skills and experience with honesty and transparency.
Looking at serving you in 2019 and get the right results by December 2018.
If you are not totally on target to reach your goals, don't delay, call us.

In the meantime, it's HALLOWEEN.

OUR VIDEO: It is spooky so be ready to jump off your seat!
Enjoy the watching .... Get the gift below!

Which US Show is Best for My Brand?

Looking to sell your fashion brand in the USA? It’s an expensive business and with dozens of major, headline-grabbing shows and hundreds of smaller well-attended events, finding the right ones for your brand can be a minefield. Join our free webinar to help you pick the ones which will offer the best ROI for your brand. 

Remember that UBM Fashion has bought over Advanstar (Magic, Platform, Pool, Project...), Biz Journals & ENK.
Consequently, they own all the major shows in the USA apart from Curve, Swim Show & D&A.

RETAIL SEMINAR - London - November 13th


As a retail business owner, you have the Art – you know WHAT to buy or design.

What is sometimes more difficult is understanding the Science part of buying which is HOW MUCH to buy and WHEN to bring the goods in.
Knowing how much to buy and you will reduce discounts & knowing when to bring the goods in and you will increase sales.

If you plan to open a store or if you have a store, online business or pop-up then this interactive seminar on November 13th is for you. 

3 things no one tells you about the USA ...

Do you want to learn what kills your investment you are making when you decide to exhibit at a USA trade show ( Atelier - Capsule - Coterie - Designers&Agents - Magic - Mrket - Platform - Project - Man/Woman ...)?

Do you want to learn why you get the buyer and the agent/distributor to work against you and not for you?

The 3 things you need to know about the USA market.
Why do we know those 3 things? (and much more)

Because the Founder of GFM had to manage over $40M dollars in the USA, work with all the fashion stakeholders and has done it for over 25 years alongside Designer Brands, SMEs and Young Designers.

Give us 10mn of your time and a specific opportunity or challenge and you will see the value added we will bring (with honesty and transparency).

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