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Export is the route to building a strong international profitable Brand.

Are you ready for it? Are you happy with your ROI at any Trade Show you exhibit at?
Are you happy from the results you get from your agents or distributors?
Does your team have the right training, experience, critical thinking, execution skills to deliver the results you have shared with them?

... We can help.

Join us with other Greek Brands on June 18th and 19th morning 2019 in Athens.


BELIEF - "I have the ability to become a Designer"

Every aspiring Designer will believe that he/she has the ability, skills, experience to become a Designer and set up and launch a global fashion brand.

And they are right.
Believing in yourself is the first step towards success. However it is not the only one.

Go and interview 10 Designers and ask them to honestly answer a few questions about their journey in the Fashion world. 
Make them think about past specific events, opportunities or challenges and ask them to give you the context, process and logic around the decisions that were made.
If they were to go back to that time but with the insight of today's experience, what would they do differently and why.


Poor credit management can kill your Brand


As you know now, building a successful global Brand does not come by chance. 
It has nothing to do with a hope strategy that many new Brands have.
However, it has everything to do with building a puzzle. Each piece is important and if one is missing the Brand or Retail store could be failing!

Today, we wish to discuss Credit Management.

We recall clearly when a French Brand approached us with over €22 000 of open invoices with clients in the UK, USA, China and Japan.

A year later, the Brand was gone!
As a reminder, worldwide, 1/3 of companies will go down because the clients are not paying the invoices on time or not at all. Can your Brand afford this mistake?

Customer Relationship - Brand Communities

We bring 25 years experience in world class sales and marketing strategies that we help you implement.

Today, customers believe at 14% Brand advertising whereas
they believe at 94% what other customers or clients say.

This is one reason why there has been a surge in Brand Communities and the search by Brands and Retailers to build a community of followers and ambassadors.

Are you ready?
Start today to reap the benefits ...

Why Talk to GFM About Taking Your Business to the USA?

The United States offers a huge and potentially lucrative market for European fashion brands, provided that they fully understand the challenges involved and are properly prepared to meet them before making the necessary investment. We can help you to understand the US market and get your company ready to sell successfully in the USA.

As a UK Fashion Brand, are you looking to be Brexit proof and get ready to embrace Export in an optimal way? We can help. 

So why should you trust us?

Ma Poesie - Accessories

Discover MA POESIE accessories and lifestyle Brand from France.

A striking design which got le BON MARCHE Department Store to buy this Brand very early after the Brand started in 2014.

Thanks to Nadia Akkari, Consultant in marketing strategies, let's review 2 key questions she asked the Founder and CEO of MA POESIE Elsa Poux.

What advice would you give to the competition?

USA Market - What is the difference between FOB and DDP?

When looking to export your collection, you are bound to deal with INCOTERMS.

These International Commercial Terms set out the responsibilities of the Buyer and the Seller and state who pays for transport, insurance, taxes and duties.

FOB refers to Free On Board. The Seller's responsibilities stop when he puts the goods on a plane or boat in his home country. The Buyer must take then take responsibility for anything happening after that, such as transport from the port/aiport to the store in the USA, as well as paying the duty.

RETAIL VIDEO - How to manage your discounts

Who is the biggest thief in your boutique or online business/ pop-up?
Your discounts or markdowns.

So why not dedicate enough time to understand, manage and control them?

This video will tell you more how much they represent and what are the 2 steps you need to take.

1. Know your markdown percentage (total discounts/ net sales) and compare it to the competition
2. Even if your discounts are low, are you turning the goods into cash quickly enough.

Brand Strategy - Your Roadmap to Success

Brand Strategy is the roadmap for your brand’s success. If you don’t know where you’re going, don’t expect the market to open up a niche especially for you to slot into. Brand strategy is, essentially, your brand’s DNA. While it might evolve and change over the years, just remember that without some sort of plan, you will never get where you want to be.

Your brand strategy is the plan which outlines

• The key features of your brand. It needs to tell us who your brand is (e.g., its identity and values) and what it’s about

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