Fashion Network - Thierry Bayle Expert at Whos Next Trade Show

As we are buying more regularly, it is the perfect time to rethink the buying strategy and how to best manage the stock in a store or online business.

Fashion Network has interviewed GFM-LFBA Founder, Thierry Bayle to discover that it is imperative for Retailers to change the way they have managed buying and merchandising.

Today, Retailers have realised that they have worked with the wrong logic in mind and not just 20% of them.
It is more like 80% of them! 
Re-Think, Re-Work and you will grow sales, reduce discounts and improve traffic in the store or in the e-commerce business.  

How to build a successful Global Fashion Brand?


As a Young or Emerging Designer, setting up and managing a Fashion Brand is not an easy project.

You are becoming a Business Designer so you know that the reasons why we fail are

1. we do not have the skills, knowledge or mastery to launch our Brand

2. we do not have the processes 

3. we do not deliver consistently


4. we lack a coach, mentor or sounding board.

Read this insightful article on how to build a successful global Fashion Brand: The 6 Ps of Success.

Mestrae - Innovation in Fashion Footwear

Mestrae is a unique Fashion Footwear Brand.
Women have been complaining that wearing high heels is a pain and certainly a real pain if they were the high heels too ong.

MESTRAE came up with an interchangeable heel solution.

Traditionally, you just replkace a flat heel by another flat hell
a high heel by another high.
Today, Mestrae has managed to build the shoes so that you can actually exchange

#GFM Challenge - How to win in 2020 - JUST READ


In 2019, many Brands and Retailers we engaged with were complaining that, too often,  they had been receiving the wrong advice.

As the industry is becoming more complex and unpredictable ...
As nobody knows it all and sometimes we don't know what we don't know...

The question is:
Where can we find somebody we can trust?

This is where the #GFMChallenge is going to be your solution to beat the competition and grow in 2019 and bost the Business in 2020.

Check the video or call us/ email us.

Eventbrite - Retail Buying Event in London

#1 Retail Buying and Merchandising Workshop in Central London

Delivered by GFM and in conjunction with Imperial College in White City, 5-minute walk from Westfield London. 3-mn walk from White city or Wood Lane Tube Station.

Can you afford to miss it?
No, if you are serious about turning the goods in cash more quickly.
No, if you want to understand the Art & Science of Buying.
No, if you want to have the right product at the right time in the right quantity.
No, if you want to learn how to forecast sales at over 90% accuracy.
No, if you want to have the best retail dashboard for the CEO, Retail director and yourself.
No, if you want the best merchandise plan or open to buy plan.

We will be sharing over 25 years' international experience with Stores, Boutiques and Online Businesses.

USA - Graveyard for UK Brands

We had an insightful conversation with a British Client just recently.
As we were talking about the USA, he stated
"The USA has been a graveyard for UK Brands".

He was right, 100% right.
Why so many failures? Why can't we find the true reasons for this situation and avoid it?

We have a thorough understanding of the USA, field experience and many contacts and let's share with you why the business owner compared it to a graveyard.

Webinar - Brand building made easy

Are you frustrated with how much efforts and funding it takes to set up and launch a Fashion Brand?
Are you looking to get immediately premium business of fashion content to successfully build a global and profitable brand?

Then you are at the right place - Watch this webinar.

Learn the TOP 6 P's to build your Fashion Brand - Profitably!

Imperial college - Retail Workshop

In conjunction with Imperial College, White City, we are organising a
free Retail Buying and Merchandising workshop open to all local retail business owners.

If you have a brick and mortar boutique, chain of stores or online business, this workshop is for YOU.
You will discover

1. The Art and Science of Buying
2. How to forecast sales at over 90% accuracy - there is 29 years' international experience with big data!
3. How to reduce your overall stock level by up to 30% without losing sales
4. How to increase gross profit by up to 43% 
We will respond to any business questions you have to ensure you can set up and grow a profitable retail business.

Your personal Expert & Mentor at the Show

Clients state that the Fashion Industry has become more complexe and unpredictable.
Do you agree?

At Pure London this season, a 10-year old Brand and a 20+year old Manufacturer and Retailer said that they did not know it all and one added "I don't know what I don't know".
The Brand realised that the USA market had nothing to do with his European experience and wasted over 3 seasons and over £20 000 doing the wrong things while trying to export to the United States.
The Manufacturer said a similar thing about building their own Brand abroad as a manufacturer. 

Is Retail different? Not at all.
A weak point that we see around the world and at Whos Next every season is BUYING & MERCHANDISING.

Take an appointment with GM Founder Thierry Bayle HERE.

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