Help for Fashion Schools Closed Due to Coronavirus

As fashion schools and universities close to limit the spread of Coronavirus, courses apparently continue online.

While notes for lectures are easily available online, students will miss the interaction and stimulation from their lecturers and peers.
Global Fashion Management has been producing a range of online business of fashion courses for some time, based on over 25 years of hands-on practical experience of the international fashion business.

These courses sit alongside webinars and online mentoring.
GFM Founder, Thierry Bayle, has announced that he will make the GFM online courses available to fashion schools closed during the Coronavirus isolation and containment phase, offering students the opportunity to benefit from industry-based content from a trusted source with a proven track record.

Turbulent times require a Special Promotion

We thank you for visiting our web site and due to the challenging environment and turbulent times we live in, we must work together to support your business and our economy.

Setting up, managing and scaling up  a Fashion Brand is based on 3 pillars
Creativity - Your product/ Collection
Marketing / Communication

The coronavirus (covid19) is serious yet it will be over soon yet it will certainly take a few months and another period to come back to normal.

In the meantime, it is the perfect opportunity to get together (121 or online) and build the foundations and strenghten your day to day operations.

Benefit from this offer over the next few months to support your Brand/ Retail business or Fashion project.

Retail / Wholesale - 4 hours consulting, operations audit and execution    
Normal Price £ 500 + VAT                 This month: £280 + VAT (UK total £336)

Full day consultancy, operations, audit and execution (10 hours)
Normal Price £900 + VAT (8 hours)    This month: £500 + VAT (10 hours)


Act today +44 20 8576 6233  - International Clients (WhatsApp) +44 7951 198 769

Check the video below.

Why choose GFM - We care

Our latest podcast is about why clients choose GFM as their Fashion and Retail Growth Expert

What do clients appreciate about GFM?

1. Critical thinking
2. Positivism & full energy
3. Honesty & transparency
4. Operations improvement

And during turbulent times, they get more free time as you are worth it. Challenges are more complex than ever before. To fix them, we need to do what we have always done: have a holistic approach.
We also make sure we are reachable at any time including weekends. 
Try it and tell us if we are under-delivering.

Governments - How to create a real ROI in Fashion

Fashion has the power to touch the lives of everybody in the country and make the Country shine.

Today, many countries have talented Designers so let's allow them to show their collection in London, Milan, New York or Paris. 

Rightly, Governments have been investing in Fashion.
However, the million-dollar question is
How to do create on-going wealth and sustainable Brands?

Unlike other sectors, Fashion is a high-profile, visible Industry with a huge global following, particularly among millennials. It offers excellent opportunities for your Country to shine internationally.

Today, Governments are looking to focus on 

CGTN - How to build a Fashion Brand

CGTN has invited GFM Founder to give his perspective about how to build a Fashion Brand.

Today, we have many talented creative designers however building a Brand means that you work hard on 3 pillars:
Marketing and 

Business is unfortunately independent from Creativity and Marketing. You need processes and the best tools to get Creativity to be effective.
You need processes and the best tools to get the best ROI (return on investment) from your marketing.

Why pay when you can have it for free - WhatsApp

Join us via WhatsApp at any time.

If you already have a data plan on your mobile phone then it is the right thing to do and call us for free advice to set up, manage and scale up your brand.

Just click and here we are together working on monetising your Dream, your Brand and your Fashion project more effectively and productively.

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USA - Graveyard for UK Brands

We had an insightful conversation with a British Client just recently.
As we were talking about the USA, he stated
"The USA has been a graveyard for UK Brands".

He was right, 100% right.
Why so many failures? Why can't we find the true reasons for this situation and avoid it?

We have a thorough understanding of the USA, field experience and many contacts and let's share with you why the business owner compared it to a graveyard.

SURVEY - 2 minute - We need YOU! Expect better workshops

Thank you for taking the survey. A 2-minute break in your busy schedule 
however in exchange we have a gift for you.

EVEN IF YOU ARE BASED ABROAD, WE WANT TO HELP YOUR BRAND. Please feel free to answer the survey.

The special offer is awaiting you ... Email us or call us/ text us on
WhatsApp +44 7951 198 769

50% off many of our TOP ONLINE COURSES.
Practical online courses such as How to find your tageted buyers, how to work out pricing and margins, how to connect and convert buyers...

Traffic @ Who's Next - Superior business solutions

After investing in the TRAFFIC trade ShowWho's Next will be incorporating TRAFFIC inside the previous Experts & Masterclasses zone.

This will mean that Brands and Retailers will have access to a powerful list of resources to build a global and profitable Brand, Retail organisation, Online Business, and Fashion project.

The Team of experts will be delivering free workshops and offer 121 meetings to visitors and exhibitors as in the past.

Global Fashion Management Founder, Thierry Bayle, is one of the experts and is looking forward to seeing you at the show in September 2020.
Watch the space for his free workshops and 121 meetings which will be on a first-come first-served basis. Limited availability of course.

An exciting future for all the players in the Industry. 

Nigeria - If you want to go far, go together

As the African proverb states
If you want to go fast, go alone;
If you want to go far, go together!

This is what GFM and 360 Creative Hub are doing by providing valuable business insight to Fashion Designers in Nigeria.

As GFM Founder Thierry Bayle says
"Fashion Success today is no more about what you know, it is about what you don't know. And building a global and profitable Brand is about strengthening the 3 essentials pillars:
Creativity, Business and Processes."

Blessing Ebere-Achu, Founder of 360 Creative Hub, knows how prolific the Nigerian Designers are and they are as talented as many Western Designers. She adds that "they need to have the opportunity to shine internationally and they need to master the business of fashion". 

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