Emerging Designers - Have your Pricing and Margins right

As a Fashion Start Up, Young Designer or Emerging Designers,
1. have you faced situations where Buyers love your collections yet they do not buy it?
2. are you frustrated not to know how to build your price point for your collection?
3. do you feel you may not be planning the right margin for your collection and you may never make a profit?
4. do you think Buyers are not buying because the mark up you give them is too low?

Those questions are all legitimate and over 30% of startups and young designers fail to have the right pricing and margins for them and for the retailers they sell to.

Can it be fixed?  YES
How long does it take?  A SHORT ONLINE COURSE
How much does it cost? £ 49  


Do you need us to answer a quick question, just
email us (biz AT globalfashionmanagement DOT com) 
or call us on whatsapp +44 7951 198 769

You will have a process to set up the pricing for your collection
You will understand how much margin you need to build a profitable Brand
You will understand what mark up Retailers want to make on your goods
You will have unlimited access to free email exchanges with us

All the GFM Business of Fashion Online Courses are brought to you by our new platform the LONDON FASHION BUSINESS ACADEMY or LFBA.

We will create any Business content within 15 days. 
Are you up for the challenge? You will learn the golden rules to grow sales and you will avoid 60% to 95% of the mistakes Start-Ups and Young Designers make.
Imagine how much money you will save!
Imagine how much time you will save!

Still in doubt, call us and we will have a special surprise for you. 

Register for our PRICING & MARGIN Training Module.
Clients have saved thousands of $/£/€ thanks to it.

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