Be honest with yourself: Just give me a Buyer!

You must remember the Chinese proverb:

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day;
teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.

In Fashion, why do business owners prefer to just receive a fish every day?
ie rather than be trained how to fish.

The most frequent question we receive at GFM is:
I just want a Buyer!
Just find me an Agent!


If you are only going for a fish daily, it means that your Sales Team or your Agents can be underperforming and you would not know it.

When sales targets and measurable goals are set up ( which is not in the majority of cases ) and those are not reached, guess what is the reason provided by the business owner:
It is the economy!

Of course, the economy plays a part.
But you need to learn how to fish or how to find a buyer otherwise how do you know whether the economy is the sole reason or not?
How do you know whether your sales team or agents are doing the right thing every time they identify a buyer, talk or write to a buyer, sit down with a buyer, email a buyer...?

You don't as you decided to just get a fish.

If you want to control your destiny and find a buyer then learn how to find them.

If you want to find an agent and be successful, you need to understand what they need and what they expect. 
Do you know that the expectations and the way an agent works in Europe and in the USA are different? 
Your Brand may not find a long term agent in the US for the following reasons
* You are not reacting in real time to somebody's interest,
* You are not providing DDP prices to your agent,
* You are refusing to consider your agent as a salesperson only (ie the agent is asked to do more things that just selling),
* You are refusing to change your order form and terms and conditions to adapt them to the USA ...

If your sounding board does not give you all this insight, they are preventing your Brand to pick up the orders you deserve. 

We fail for 4 key reasons:
* Lack of knowledge or expertise
* Lack of processes
* Lack of consistency
* Lack of sounding board.

Who is challenging your Sales Team, your agents and yourself to do a better job?
We act as growth accelerators and change accelerators exactly for that reason.

Open to discussing your next challenge with honesty and transparency?
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