BELIEF - "I have the ability to become a Designer"

Every aspiring Designer will believe that he/she has the ability, skills, experience to become a Designer and set up and launch a global fashion brand.

And they are right.
Believing in yourself is the first step towards success. However it is not the only one.

Go and interview 10 Designers and ask them to honestly answer a few questions about their journey in the Fashion world. 
Make them think about past specific events, opportunities or challenges and ask them to give you the context, process and logic around the decisions that were made.
If they were to go back to that time but with the insight of today's experience, what would they do differently and why.


What Designers often forget is that to build a successful Fashion Brand, you need to
* build the Brand as a business and not a hobby
* become a Business Designer - having a business mind

Make sure you are well funded and that you care about your products and your cash. It can be you or your partner whether from the inside or from the outside. 
For some Designer, we act as their Trusted Advisor ensuring they have the right pricing, margins, budgeting, cash flow projection, contracts to reduce risks...

Check what the London Fashion Business Academy can do for you.

The Academy is here for you to learn most of the golden rules to follow. It is here for you to learn the mistakes you must avoid as those will save you hudreds and thousands of £/ $ or €.

For the past 3 months, we had 8 brands looking to build the business at wholesale however they were not familiar about the markup from wholesale to retail. They had lost orders because of that. It can be shared in 5mn!

If you fail to give the retailer the sufficient margin to survive then there are no reasons for buying the collection. Some had invested in excess of €5000 on trade shows and virtual trade shows / fashion weeks and picked up no orders. 
We make sure you know all that before you make the investment.

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