6 Ws to better project manage - Build your Brand with success

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The challenge of every Retail business or Fashion Designer is 
How to better handle project management?

It is about Art and Science.
One approach you do not want to forget is dead easy and can be summed up in the 
6 Ws.

When discuting an opportunity or challenge in the business or
when trying to figure out what are the questions you need to ask yourself to ensure you can identify the golden rules to follow, the mistakes to avoid and ultimately grow the Brand, ask yourself

What - What are the measurable goals you have set up?
Who - Who are the stakeholders? Who/what is involved?

The last W is for me the critical one as many businesses FAIL to have at least 2 solutions before they embrace and act on one.

WHY - In this WHY, you should be identifying other options or solutions. Look at all the pros and cons among all options and reject the non relevant solutions.
Ultimately, focus on the one you decided to keep.  

Good luck.
We are only a call or email away to help you implement the right solution for your business.


Case study 1
Very often and especially with Young Designers the project is "I'm going to a trade show / I'm going to the MAGIC show in Las Vegas". This project has NO measurable goal.
Ask the Designer, what were the other options to get the same results and you get none. 
If the Team uses WHY in the correct way, they should be asking themselves:
Why go to MAGIC? What else could we have done to identify buyers to grow sales by $50 000? 
Other solutions are to 
* Go to another trade show in the USA. Go to 2 shows in the USA.
* Go to a show in another country
* Recruit an agent or distributor
* Visit boutiques directly and on our own. Conversion has to be better even if the number of leads wil be less of course.

Case study 2
In June a designer has an AW stock of the previous year valued at £50 000 that he could not get rid of and is just looking for a buyer.
When interviewed and asked which were the lessons learnt on this occasion, the answer was: "not to buy stock and only work forward order."

When we started asking a few more questions and you get told that the AW stock arrived in November instead of July onwards! 
Continue asking a few more questions and you start understanding that the tools and processes put in place to market and sell the goods were far from being close to international best practice and just common sense.
The Designer started communicating and selling the goods when they arrived in the warehouse!.
That is too late.
If you do not agree, please reach out to us, we will explain it free of charge.

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