Workshops to grow Retail & Wholesale Sales

Today, as the business is becoming more complex and nobody knows it all, it is paramount for retailers and brands to benefit from support and assistance to cover many business questions they have.

Who's Next Tradeshow has spotted this need from Retailers many years ago and launched the RETAIL EXPERT CLUB. 
After a few years, it was obvious that 40 to 50% of the attendees and private meetings were requested by Brand owners.
The concept changed and was named FASHION SOLUTIONS. 

Today any visitor, exhibitor, Brand or Retailer can attend interactive and business insightful workshops free of charge. In addition, they can also have an individual session with an Expert against a nominal fee (€50).
GFM Founder is one of the Brand and Retail Expert for the show.

Come and join us every day for a workshop that will change the way you think. 

Reach out to us in order to place your request for an individual session. You can also schedule the appointment online here.

GFM WORKSHOP TOPIC - HALL 4 - Fashion Solutions - Far left.

1. The Art and Science of Buying
2. Retail - How to forecast sales at over 90% accuracy 
3. How to develop a productive partnership between Brands and Retailers
4. How to create monthly events in your Boutique & manage to stand out


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