Business Meeting with the Expert (Wholesale + Retail)

Are you looking for a sounding board to set up or scale up your Retail or Brand Fashion?
As a Boutique Owner, are you looking to have the right product at the right time in the right quantity?
Are you looking to reduce discounts or markdowns?
Are you looking to forecast sales at over 90% accuracy?

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The GFM Founder, Thierry Bayle, will share over 25 years' international business of fashion experience working with Retailers and Brands every week.
He will work with you from strategy to execution.
By execution, we mean that if you come with a sales script,  a contract, a process ..., on the spot, he will make the modifications to improve the document you will submit.

Access the 1-hour individual meeting with Thierry Bayle  

thierrybayle expert whosnext

You can have access to FREE WORKSHOPS at the Trade Show. Show up 5mn before startup time to optimise your seat. However standing is also a healthy position!

Experts at your disposal - to cover all areas of Wholesale and Retail
Thierry Bayle - Founder GFM
Karim Bouhajeb 
Lydia Harroch
Steeve Lambert
Jonathan Ruimy
Isabelle Thomas
Irene Van Ryb

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