USA - How to grow sales successfully?

The USA Market offers every Brand an opportunity for success however it can reveal itself as a difficult market if you refuse to learn how it works.

We will share what we have been abe to do with people to help them grow sales in the USA in less than 4 hours.

As Fashion Brands were fed up to go there unprepared and therefore losing thousands of dollars, they have asked GFM how we could help.
We came up several years ago with the "#USAWorkshop" which delivers to your Team and yourself what you need to know before you go.
You will learn the mistakes that other brands have made and there is much more to say than what this blog post can ever take!

The best quote we were provided was
“This workshop is the Rolls Royce of Fashion information on the US market”
PARVEEN COUTURE – Farakh Parveen

Our USA Workshop has no equivalent in the market place: it brings a holistic approach to the USA market through an analysis of all the fashion stakeholders including the Brands, sales reps, distributors, boutiques, department stores, trade shows, logistics, credit management…. We also deliver the content so that it meets your specific needs and answers the questions you have in relation to your business and the goals you have set up (we can also help you set up those goals).

It will give you a clearer idea about strategy and action plan.
And of course, it is covered by our 100% Money Back Guarantee.

Client: Classic Womenswear Collection - UK
The Client was planning to attend the MAGIC show and wanted to optimise orders to be taken at the show. We focused the action plan on how to set up the right buyers’ database and how to connect with buyers and convert them prior to and during the show.
RESULTS: The workshop took place over 4 months before the show, giving the Client time to implement the action plan in an effective way. They managed to reach the goals we had set up together: collecting 30 orders at the show. In fact, 32 were written at the show. Our follow up call to the client at show time prevented them from making a major mistake twice.

Client: Edgy Womenswear Collection – France
There were two key objectives of the workshop for this Brand. These were to strengthen the foundations of their existing US operation, in order to increase sales in the USA, and to identify the process and action plan to optimise duty payment. After working alongside the client and their lawyer, the duty optimisation process recommended in the USA workshop was implemented, allowing the client to save over 30% on the duty previously paid.
RESULTS: Saving from $6000 to $10000 every time the client was shipping $100K (depending on the product/margin).

Client: Updated Womenswear Collection - France
The Client needed to understand how sales reps work in the USA as he was pro-actively searching for agents. After interviewing several other Brands, he understood that recruiting, training and managing agents was more challenging than he had anticipated.
RESULTS: The workshop enabled the Client to look professional and fully knowledgeable about how US agents work, the questions he should ask and how to respond to key opportunities and challenges (collection, marketing tools, contract, back office …). The Brand recruited 3 regional agents.

We highly recommend that you speak with 5 to 10 brands who have experienced the USA market and ask them what opportunities and challenges they have faced. When they give you an honest answer, you will understand that this market differs significantly from Europe.

Most probably, you will also see that any failure was a consequence of what the Brands didn’t know and failed to prepare for.

Sometimes, we do not know what we do not know.

Learn How NOT to Lose Sales
A Buyer asked the Brand at the Show: Where do you ship from? 
The Brand answered: The UK 
Consequence: The Buyer turned around and left and the deal was lost. 
Many Brands wouldn’t realise why they lost the deal. Many do not prepare themselves for that question and yet there is an easy answer which stops the Buyer from running away! The workshop will give you that solution.

Learn How NOT to Lose Orders
A Brand picked up 10 orders at the Magic Show – none of these orders were shipped or invoiced.
Consequence: the trade show investment and management time before and after the show was totally lost. The workshop will practically handle why this can happen and how the risk can be minimised or reduced to 0.

We welcome your questions prior to joining our workshop.

The above explains why this initial best USA Workshop in the UK was adopted by Brands all around the world: Australia, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Nigeria, Thailand, Venezuela...  (webinar, live workshop or delivered at your place!).

Updated 2021.

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