USA - Graveyard for UK Brands

We had an insightful conversation with a British Client just recently.
As we were talking about the USA, he stated
"The USA has been a graveyard for UK Brands".

He was right, 100% right.
Why so many failures? Why can't we find the true reasons for this situation and avoid it?

We have a thorough understanding of the USA, field experience and many contacts and let's share with you why the business owner compared it to a graveyard.

USA - How to grow sales successfully?

The USA Market offers every Brand an opportunity for success however it can reveal itself as a difficult market if you refuse to learn how it works.

We will share what we have been abe to do with people to help them grow sales in the USA in less than 4 hours.

As Fashion Brands were fed up to go there unprepared and therefore losing thousands of dollars, they have asked GFM how we could help.
We came up several years ago with the "#USAWorkshop" which delivers to your Team and yourself what you need to know before you go.
You will learn the mistakes that other brands have made and there is much more to say than what this blog post can ever take!

The best quote we were provided was
“This workshop is the Rolls Royce of Fashion information on the US market”
PARVEEN COUTURE – Farakh Parveen

USA Market - What is the difference between FOB and DDP?

When looking to export your collection, you are bound to deal with INCOTERMS.

These International Commercial Terms set out the responsibilities of the Buyer and the Seller and state who pays for transport, insurance, taxes and duties.

FOB refers to Free On Board. The Seller's responsibilities stop when he puts the goods on a plane or boat in his home country. The Buyer must take then take responsibility for anything happening after that, such as transport from the port/aiport to the store in the USA, as well as paying the duty.

HOW TO reach your $1M business in the USA

Before we go any further, I need to get something off my chest.  

Let’s call it the Gold Rush Syndrome.  

Have you any idea how many British and European Brands have decided, very often at the last minute, to attend U.S. trade shows and then recruit local agents with little or no preparation?

Does it sound like a brilliant strategy?  Really?  In so many cases it cost them considerable time and money.  But it really doesn’t have to be this way.  If you’re planning to take your brand to the USA, my top tip can be summed up in one word and a lot of hard work: PREPARATION!  


Duty Management


As you are planning to exhibit in a foreign trade show in Europe (European Union) or the USA, you may want to offer the buyer a price list which includes duty.

Do you see it as a value-added?

If you do then here are links to help you do it.
And we can walk you through how to do it. We can even do it for you.

If you don't then I recommend you are getting yourself ready to lose many orders and give the wrong signals to the Buyers and other Fashion Stakeholders like Agents and even partners who would expect you to get the most from this expensive investment.

Why Talk to GFM About Taking Your Business to the USA?

The United States offers a huge and potentially lucrative market for European fashion brands, provided that they fully understand the challenges involved and are properly prepared to meet them before making the necessary investment. We can help you to understand the US market and get your company ready to sell successfully in the USA.

As a UK Fashion Brand, are you looking to be Brexit proof and get ready to embrace Export in an optimal way? We can help. 

So why should you trust us?

Fashion USA Workshop - Benefits you can expect

Learn how to Sell Your Fashion Brand in the USA

If you are planning to sell your fashion brand in the US (or are already selling there but with limited success), our unique workshop will take you through the detailed preparation process for setting up a successful business in the US.

The workshop is highly interactive and has been designed to make your learning curve as short as possible.
It is available as a webinar, live in London (and other worldwide destinations - call or email for more details) and it can also be delivered at your office

It will enable you to:

MAGIC, Coterie, D&A, Playtime, Curve, MRket, Capsule


As many Brands are facing more competition locally (or struggling how to handle the Brexit), they are contemplating investing in the USA.

Have you already interviewed 10 Brands to understand what are the opportunities and mostly what are the challenges?
If not, then do it BEFORE you invest and before you take an agent or exhibit at a trade show in the USA.

Our clients have appreciated learning in less than 4 hours over 90% of the mistakes their competition is doing when heading to the United States.

The saving is huge. If you have any doubt, give us a call or email us.

Here are some of the topics you need to review.... (each one is about increasing sales by 10 to 300% or saving hundreds or thousands of dollars)

Everything you have been told about the USA is a lie!

If you do not prepare yourself to critical thinking inside the business, this is a real risk you will be disappointed.

How do you prepare your Brand, your staff and your business to this eventuality?
What is at risk?

Investing for 2/3 trade shows in the USA with little or no results!
Investing in a sales rep(s) or distributor and generating little or no sales!

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