How to calculate the duty on your goods


As you are planning to exhibit in a foreign trade show in Europe or the USA?
Are you looking to look like any local Brand when it comes to the back office?
Are you looking to facilitate the work of the Buyer and giving the Buyer the right signals?

If you answer YES then you need to look into adding DUTY and freight to the price of goods especially if you are selling your goods to EU and USA buyers.

You may also want an expert by your side as it should not take more than just a few hours to share the logic and process to get it right from the start.
It can also be shared in 30mn and counting and for less than US$75.

If you only wish to take a few orders and you are not concerned about the long term consequences of the image you are projecting today then you can choose to export your goods with an FOB price list.
However if you want Buyers, Agents and other Fashino players to trust you know their market and you are here to stay and grow then you need to adopt a DDP price list.

The positive consequences of having the right shipping terms (FOB versus DDP) are
1. You will take more orders and even up to 30 for your first trade show.
2. You will lose the the trade show investment which could cost you from $5000 to $10000 and that may often not even include the travel expenses
3. You will convince your Buyers and Agents that you are serious about this new market you are exporting to.

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