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We have represented the MAGIC Show for several years and we have walked for over 25 years the various trade shows around the world.
In addition, we give advice and join our Brand clients at the shows. We also work with retail clients visiting the shows and placing orders.
Finally, we regularly deliver business seminars at key shows such as
BIFF in Bangkok, Moda UK and Pure in London and Who's Next in Paris ...
We act as Retail / Brand Expert for Whos Next and have over a thousand of case studies to share.
You can benefit from free workshops and have your own Expert helping you (Appointment here or call-email us) and discuss your challenges at Retail and Wholesale. 
Discover below some key rules to ensure your Brand can get the most from the Trade Show investment you are making. 

Reminder: Paying £3000 for 10m2 over 3 days is like paying £360 000 in rent over 1 year on Bond Street AND YOU GET MUCH MORE THAN 10 M2!


This objective has to be a measurable one in terms of orders to be placed and sales leads to be obtained ( include connections with the press / agents / distributors and other Fashion stakeholders including consultants ).

A successful selling strategy is about traffic and conversion. As nobody can convert 100%, you need to make sure you have enough names in the database.
The names of buyers in the database must be relevant and targeted ones otherwise you will be losing your time.


Now that you have a strategy, you need to roll out the action plan. Make sure that the action plan starts AT LEAST 4 to 6 months before the show takes place. If not, get expert advice to optimise the work you will be doing at the last minute.

Remember that it must include pre/ during and post show tasks. It must include the Management and every member of staff involved in the preparation.
Dedicate specific quality time to connect post show with all the sales leads and clients. Have all the follow up materials ready even before the show starts!

GFM has developed a specific training module to help you go through all the necessary steps and ensure you are Trade Show Ready ( price starts from £49+VAT ). It is about implementing from the start International Best Practice.

Of course, get your collection ready and available on time – know how to edit the collection if necessary as showing too much is not always in your favour.

You collection will be accompanied by a domestic price list (Europe/USA) and international prices lists to accommodate international buyers (price list in $, € and £ - FOB & DDP) together with brochures, line sheets, press book …

Make sure you know your unique selling point (USP) and know how to answer questions about delivery dates, logistics and payment.

Bring enough business cards and 50 cards for a 3-day show is not enough!

NB: The action plan will be different depending on the country where you will be exhibiting.
GFM is a specialist for the USA and European markets and we train our clients how they need to make significant changes to their European approach when they are planning to show in the USA.

Top 5 mistakes we see from some fashion exhibitors

1. They have not set up a measurable goal

2. They have not researched and approached targeted buyers prior to the show. Having buyers at the same price point does not make this buyer a good buyer.

3. Exhibitors believe that connecting once on the phone or by email is sufficient to convert a buyer into placing an order. This is far from being sufficient.

An exhibitor told us that connecting brands and buyers is like courting. It is so true. You cannot get a boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife by only taking the person once for a good meal or night out. It is about building up confidence and trust over a series of connections.

4. Exhibitors do not train their Team or partners (agents) well enough to maximise the connection with buyers at the show, selling the Brand DNA or taking orders

5. Exhibitors fail to understand that the product is really important however there are other
elements which will make a difference between buying your Brand or somebody else’s Brand. This applies to customer service, speaking the same language (there are some differences even between English and American English), flexibility with delivery groups, logistics, shipping terms -duty (USA), payment terms …

The “shopping experience” has to be an easy one. Challenge yourself to see how your collection, the colours, the fabrics, your marketing are all aligned and responding to the buyers you are targeting.

Make sure you take no risk in getting the collection on time at the show.
In all the relevant cities, take enough free time to visit retailers and department stores to get a better feel for the market, the competitors, the price points.

Call us anytime including the week end for an informal conversation. We travel the shows so we can meet you on site.

GOOD LUCK. We are help to help and grow your sales internationally. GFM can give you a 360° analysis and help you grow a global Brand at wholesale and retail levels. We are operations improvement specialists.

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