Top reasons why clients love our merchandise planning winning approach

Winning @ Retail Advantage.

With our partner Management One™, we have become the Trusted Authority in Merchandise Planning and Open to Buy.

Clients' benefits
Have the right product at the right time in the right quantity.
Forecasting sales at over 90% accuracy.
Reduce average stock level by up to 30%.
Constant critical thinking to grab growth opportunities.
Improvement of the Retail KPIs

KPI - Discounts: Traditionally, the total yearly discounts should not exceed  10/15% of net sales in a multilabel environment and the total discounts should not exceeding 25/30% of net sales in a mono brand environment.
Check that your stock does not represent more than 2/4 months of sales (possibly less if you bring fresh goods every week/every month).


1.We take the time to understand the operational and expense side of your retail business.

a.Semi Annual Break Even analysis
b.Cash flow
c.Dashboard to monitor KPIs
d.Annual Profit Potential Worksheet
e.Annual SWOT-POP (Problems, Objectives and Priorities) to redefine objectives and goals

2.We, like you, own our own business. We take risks as you do. “Peer to Peer” relationship.

a.All consultants go through intensive training to become certified.
b.High level of collaboration between consultants to combine expertise for the benefit of all retail clients.

3.We play offense not defense!  We plan for your growth and our logic seeks out missed opportunities.

a.We budget markdowns into the plan
Makes sure you are stocked going into key month’s / Makes sure you are getting rid of old stock / Get you out of the season so you can start the next season with new goods / We keep your stock fresh and desirable
b.Experience and 28 years of building successful retailers.

4.We will not combine multi stores as one client. Online is a separate store.

a.Stores will get fed the appropriate amount of goods to drive revenue.
b.Planned Stock to sales is different by location due to traffic, volume, and other variables. 
c.Not all stores are equal in demand for all the same classifications.
d.Spinning the middle. You cannot plan an important class by making the assessment that all the sub classes are equal.

5.Financial, management and marketing concerns and issues are woven into the action plans we create together through the Winning @ Retail™ planning process.

6.Holistic approach- The High Tech High Touch approach to planning.

a.70+ experienced colleagues to turn to for support and advice worldwide.
Financial / Marketing / Management expertise : Hiring / Firing / Compensation / Buyers training / Assortment planning / Lease negotiation / + 18 other management modules
b.You get plugged into the Management One network through us.
Ongoing training / Monthly webinars / Newsletters / White papers
c.Seamless uploads from over 30 major POS providers to provide instant Plan on Demand™ and Class progress reporting access
       i.Emphasis on the right data –internal checks to be sure data input is accurate and complete.
       ii.Focus on the right analysis of the data.
d.Merchandise plans based on the most accurate forecasting available also taking into account the Retailer's view on the future of the business
e.the merchandise plan balances internally and externally with financials
f.Product is supported by ongoing logic updates, the latest technology and over a dozen highly skilled and highly trained merchandise planners that review every category of every location.
g.Consultants base goes through intensive training to become certified with on-going education & mentoring

Today, over 500 clients worldwide trust us every month with the merchandise plan we deliver. There are no long term commitments and they can stop every 30 days!
We must be doing something right.

Call us when you are planning to improve merchandise planning in your boutique, store or online business.

WHO'S NEXT - 1-2-1 Advice and free workshops - January & Septembre sessions.

You can also see us at all major trade shows and one of us is dedicated to your success at WHO'S NEXT at FASHION SOLUTIONS.
A unique event as there are 4/6 separate Retail Experts all specialising on a different part of Retail Success.

Your success starts today. Together, let's bring you success and improved cash flow, profits and customer traffic. Let us share our over 25 years' experience!


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