Top 100 Retailers to follow on Twitter

Evan Carmichael ( @ECRetail ) List of the top 100 retailers to watch this December 2015.

Who will you find?
@MaryPortas #2
@PaulTMRetail  - Paul Mitchell #3
@DressingRoom1 - #8 - The Dressing Room Boutique run by @DeryaneTadd

And the Founder of GFM , Thierry Bayle, is up and positoned #26
@RetailFashion - Thierry Bayle #26

Press Release - CEO WORLD Partnership

Good News for SMEs and Young Fashion Businesses Despite Spending Review Cuts

The most useful thing for SME’s and young fashion brands (after cash), is training and mentoring in how to run the business profitably.  

However, in the recent spending review, the UK Government wound up the Business Growth Service, which offered funding for business coaching and training of key staff in SMEs and start-ups.  
The good news is that Fashion business experts Global Fashion Management have formed a partnership with CEO WORLD to offer funding which will help the CEOs of new and small/medium fashion brands to build successful businesses.  CEO WORLD is an international organisation dedicated to supporting CEOs through peer group mentoring. 

Paris - City of Light

As the founder of GFM will Paris regularly to deliver Business Courses to French Fashion Business School Mod'Spe, we wish to share with you the way we see Paris, City of Light.

After what has happened on Black Friday November 13th, our thoughts are with the victims and families. 

If you are a Fashion Brand or Retailer and you have been affected, let us help you.

Connect with us.

MensWearBuyer - GFM offers funding to UK Designers

GFM offers funding opportunities ( which can in some cases also be finalised as investment options ) to Fashion Companies including Young & Emerging Designers, NewGen and Start Ups. 

Apply by calling or emailing us.

Part of the funding is done in collaboration with our partner CEO WORLD.
Funding up to 50% of the investment needed on Business services.

Your Branding and Marketing


GFM is a unique resource to highlight your collection to Trade buyers and the other trade fashion stakeholders.

We want to hear from you as we select those Brands or Retail organisations that have a special message.


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