Thierry Bayle Talks to Martin Stanford for TRT World

As London Fashion Week opens, coinciding with 100 years of Vogue, media attention focuses on the fashion industry.   

Thierry Bayle, Founder of Global Fashion Management was interviewed today by Martin Stanford for Turkish news channel TRT World about the influence of British fashion on the global fashion economy. 

Thierry drew attention to the rapid evolution of the global fashion industry: where once key British brands were only competing with peers in France, Italy and the US, now they must outperform the big names from Australia, Turkey, South Africa, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Nigeria, Korea, Japan and Brazil. 
Brands have had to change the way they work in order to keep ahead of the competition.


MWB - MensWearBuyer - How to better manage your Retail store?

GFM was requested to contribute to MensWearBuyer and provide another business insightful article for retailers.

As the economy bring real challenges to independent retailers as well as mono Brand stores, we must work smarter and better.

This article will open new doors that over 82% of retailers do not apply (Survey based on 98 retailers at Who's Next Trade Show)

How to increase gross profit by 43%?

MWB Online - How to improve gross profit by 43%?

GFM regularly contributes to the Fashion Trade Press as well as other Fashion stakeholders such as Associations (BJA, FGI, PBC, LBHF...), Schools (HEC, Inseec, LCF, Modspe...) and Trade Shows (Bubble, Magic, Moda UK, Pure London, Who's Next...).

Of course, we also deliver our advice, training and business management to companies from strategy to execution.

If you need a speaker, visiting lecturer or writer to provide energy and passion to your guests, members or students, connect here.

Check our latest article in MENSWEAR BUYER Magazine.

MODSPE - Paris - Visiting Lecturer

Do come back to know more about the work that the Founder of GFM has done with MODSPE Paris students since October 2015.

Course on Building a successful Global Fashion Brand / Project Management.

In addition to the work that Thierry Bayle does directly with Brands in terms of Brand and Retail Management, Thierry works closely with Fashion Associations, Governements and delivers over 20 years' experience in inspirational and thought provoking seminars, workshops, masterclasses wether through live events, online courses and other means suitable to the clients.


ModSpe - Paris -

ModSpe / Brand Manager video

INSEEC - London - Visiting Lecturer at Inseec Graduate Business School - Sales -

HEC - Paris - Visiting Lecturer at top French Graduate Business School - Retail Buying -

HEC - Retail Merchandising

Retail Buying and Merchandising has become a hot topic as it is difficult for many retailers to have the Right Product at the Right Time in the Right quantity.

Do you have it right for your store?

With my partners, we deliver our merchandise plan or open to buy plan to over 500 clients worldwide. With over 20 years' experience, we have managed over $40B in retail sales and hundred of thousands of product categories.

Where can you find this knowledge and retail business insight?
HEC Summer School - June 2016.

The Founder of GFM will share ...

Partnership with TYB - Polish Brands can expand confidently.

FREE EXPORTING WEBINAR - Read the full article.

Global Fashion Management has decided to set up a partnership with Translate Your Business (TYB) to ensure we can bring both strategic and operations experience to
UK Companies interested to develop the Polish market 
as well as assist
Polish Fashion Brands to set up, grow or expand in the UK and Western Europe.

We want to act as your first point of call and we want you to appreciate what our other clients appreciate:
our values of honesty and transparency
our ability to think outside the box and
our ability to have a holistic approach to opportunities and challenges you face.

BBC Radio London News - GFM Founder on BHS closing down

As we face facing difficult situations in the Retail Industry and specifically on the High Street, the founder of GFM has voiced his concerns on the reasons why BHS may have closed down and why so many retailers have gone into liquidation.

Many retail business owners do not get enough business insight on how to better manage the buying and merchandising.

Did you know that from 2010 to 2014, BHS Limited saw the sales go down by 15% while stock went up 50%.
Is that normal?

Now, let's see what Jo Good from BBC Radio London and Thierry Bayle have to say.


Partnership CCH Conseil (Paris) and GFM (London)

Today, setting up, managing and growing a Fashion Brand or Retail Business requires to be focused on the financial KPIs which in turn needs to be managed with your number one asset: your work force.

Managing the business, its agents, partners, trade shows, the stock ... without taking into account the management of people is a mistake.

This is the foundation why GFM and CCH Conseil have built a partnership.
CCH Conseil is based in France and this partnership is directed to French Brands and Retailers.
This explains why the rest of the article is in French.

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