Sales & Marketing for growth WEBINAR - For Greek Brands


As a Greek Designer or Fashion Brand, do you feel frustrated that it is always harder to generate export sales?
Are you missing a structured plan, skills or a sounding board to grow sales in your business?

Come and join us for this free webinar to understand


You will understand the top 6 Ps to grow sales.
You will understand how to build a strong sales and marketing pipeline to grow a €1 million business and export business.

The original webinar is over however this new series will be of interest.
Register Today Below (How to build a global Brand).

Date/ Time:
May 17th 2019  - 6.30pm (Greece time)

Thierry Bayle has over 25 years’ international experience in the business of fashion. Thierry is the Founder of Global Fashion Management and the London Fashion Business Academy (the fashion online platform of GFM in order to bring start-ups and young designers a cost-effective way to learn the business of fashion) as well as Co-Founder of CEO Mentoring. He will share the work he does every week working with Brands and Retailers on the business of fashion from strategy to execution across all the functions and the players in the industry (independent boutiques, department stores, agents, distributors, logistics and credit management companies, trade shows, manufacturers, PR, digital companies, lawyers, accountant … He has managed a company in London, set up from scratch a business in New York, represented the MAGIC Show in Las Vegas and today he is acting as Brand & Retail Expert for Who's Next.
BENEFIT: You get access to a truly holistic approach to the Fashion Industry. You will put yourselves in the shoes of the retailer and you will understand both perspectives: the one of the Brand and the one of the Buyer.

Thierry will show you how to ask the right questions to increase sales.

As success is built on a series of mistakes, Thierry will share the top mistakes your competitors have made before you. you are on your way to growing a profitable business abroad.

This webinar is for all Designers and Brands serious about start-up or developing its export business. Open to Designers, Business Owners, Export manager and those Executives interested in bringing a fresh new perspective to managing a Fashion Brand and open to critical thinking.

GFM – LFBA has a boutique approach to assisting Brands to grow sales. Consequently, we highly encourage all attendees to send us questions, opportunities, challenges and concerns before the day of the webinar. We wish to ensure we have the time to answer them all. Email


As an attendee on May 17th, you will gain special Bonuses for our live workshops taking place in Greece in June 2019 and regularly thereafter.
June Workshops: Save up to €250. Gain lifetime access to Online Fashion courses and much more.

Once again you are helping me to assess things from different angles. I had never even considered this... (really like the way you think). Will work in this direction (feels right) & advise shortly where it takes me... Appreciate the fact you took the time to really think about this and give me this valuable Food for Thought. 
Adolfo – Founder - Uruguay

Appreciated the work done and continuous support that I received. Approachable, friendly and super professional. I recommend you use them if you are serious and willing to be challenged in how to better manage your business.
Iwona – Designer UK

This is a service I recommend to everyone who wants to accelerate and take their business more seriously to the next level. Highly recommended.
Marguerite – Designer – UK

I like the honest and analytical look, the treatment of varied topics such as costs, places of sale, brand positioning, focus on the product ... Everything is super important, and I appreciate the comments being honest, timely & practical. I want to thank you again for all your advice. During the 1-2-1 meeting I left with A LOT to think & restructure. Now, I know where the dangers are.
Alice – Designer - Uruguay

I really enjoy working with my Expert & Mentor, he challenges me on the way I run the business and the mentoring is helping me make it more effective and profitable. He makes me see things through different eyes. I would 100% validate his logic and advice.
Geraldy – Founder - Norway


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