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GFM delivers the Business of Fashion with Honesty and Transparency to ensure tyou build a serious and profitable business now and not later. There is too much at stake for you to lose if you do not get truthful advice and critical thinking.

Every day of this month and year from Friday December 28th 2018 to Monday December 31st 2018, we will be offering a free 1 hour Advice Session to discuss your opportunities and challenges.

Check our @RetailFashion Twitter account.

There is only ONE WINNER each day and the winner is the first daily twitter account to reply to us and use #WinWithGFM.
The winner will have to reply ASAP after seeing the daily #WinWithGFM.

Check our @retailfashion twitter account as the #WinWithGFM will be placed on twitter at a random time during the day. 

To make your time productive, we will submit a questionnaire based on the key challenges you face to ensure we focus our time on what your business and yourself need the most. Any business question is welcomed (wholesale or retail).



PS: One winner a day - Our decision is final - No cash alternative - Advice session must take place before end of February 2019.

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