Gucci & Fashion Weeks - TRT World interviews Thierry Bayle

Big changes are looming large in the Fashion Industry especially as far as Fashion Weeks are concerned. Others changes must also take place.

Watch the interview of GFM Founder , Thierry Bayle, on TRT World as Gucci has decided to reduce the commitment they have made in the past:
they will move from 5 to 2 fashion shows per year.

St Laurent will not show at Paris Fashion Week this September 2020
Dries Van Noten alongside many other Designers are looking to see fundamental changes happening sooner rather than later. 
More people are looking for a more timely delivery of the goods. 
Why deliver shorts in January (in the northern hemisphere) when it is still very cold).

We are at a crossroad. If we want it, we will need to fight for it!

Fashion Weeks have been described by some professionals as an "ego trip" for some smaller Brands and we agree.

Fashion Weeks in the major capital bring Buyers, consumers and Brands together. In addition, the ecosystem gets the involvement of events organisors, hotels, exhibition halls, photgraphers, Digital professionals, influencers, journalists, bloggers ...

That represents millions in spending!

At the same time, we have
* Too much stock
* Too much discounts
* Inequadate delivery times for the goods in the store

Reminder - 3 Pillars of Fashion Success
1. Creativity
2. Marketing such as Fashion Weeks (+ Trade Shows, Social Media...)
3. Business - You can and should find business tools and processes in Creativity and marketing. If you do not find it then the 2 above pillars will be weaker!

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