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The world around us seems to become more complex and unpredictable by the day, with every new piece of advice seeming to contradict the last, even down to what you should or shouldn’t have for breakfast, let alone how you might make key business decisions!

The business of fashion is no exception. 
Take the GDPR for example: many people we talk to are unclear about exactly what this means for the way the fashion industry works. 
One of our clients sat down in a collective workshop with a lawyer to discuss their position and was told that anyone they contacted by email who did not specifically unsubscribe from their mailing list could therefore be kept on the list. 
Their E-Commerce web site service provider said exactly the opposite!

Does this sound right or wrong to you?! Our clients value our keen critical thinking and our often brutal honesty, as well as our wealth of sound advice gained from 25 years in the international fashion industry.

With this in mind…. 
• If you don’t want fresh new ideas or critical thinking 
• If you hate the business of fashion 
• If you really don’t want to reach your goals 
• If you don’t want to stay ahead of the competition…
Then you have made the right choice: you have unsubscribed.

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As a THANK YOU TOKEN, we welcome all your top questions, opportunities or challenges and we will pick up the top 20 most frequently asked questions among all our followers and we will share with you our business insight on those 20 concerns you have.
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