How to become a Fashion Designer

As you can imagine, we will need more than just one article to answer that question and make your dream a reality.

However, you have a dream & you have a product and collection in mind.

Connect with us and we will assist you all the way.
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GFM created this Online Academy after Young Designers and Start-Ups approached us year after year and requesting a cost-effective solution to learn the Business of Fashion.

GFM breathes and lives Fashion every day for the past 25 years. 

What are the top Golden Rules to follow

1. Have a dream
2. Build a business plan - have a strategy, action plan and the funding required to go all the way
3. Know yourself and know who are your customers and where to find them
4. Surround yourself with trusted advisors and people who will help you execute the plan (don't stay alone especially at the beginning)
5. Select your focus carefully. Build a collection that is not too wide so that you do not waste time and money in the initial stage
6. Select your number 1 distribution channel: wholesale, retail (b2c-brick and mortar) or online (any one of them will bring you the success you want as long as you execute a well-drafted plan)

7. Bring critical thinking in the business every month. NEVER accept statements such as 
"I hope it is going to work" - This means you have little or no plan
"I don't need a dashboard. My marketing manager has 3 years of experience. He knows"
"I know it all"
"We were successful that way last year. We will continue doing it the same way"

8. Try GFM for the honesty and transparency they bring. If they cannot bring progress within 2 hours of work with you and the Team, you will get the money back and pay nothing. NO RISK.

PS The London Fashion Business Academy is 100% owned by GFM. It is our Fashion Business Online Courses. 

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