#GFM Challenge - How to win in 2020 - JUST READ


In 2019, many Brands and Retailers we engaged with were complaining that, too often,  they had been receiving the wrong advice.

As the industry is becoming more complex and unpredictable ...
As nobody knows it all and sometimes we don't know what we don't know...

The question is:
Where can we find somebody we can trust?

This is where the #GFMChallenge is going to be your solution to beat the competition and grow in 2019 and bost the Business in 2020.

Check the video or call us/ email us.

Take the #GFMChallenge and get top advice and execution help 

You are in full control.

The responsibility is on us to deliver what you wanted and make sure we exceed your expectations. Discover the solutions in the video.

NB - See the Founder of GFM at Who's Next. Attend his free workshops in the EXPERTS & MASTERCLASSES zone.
As he acts as Retail and Brand Expert, you can also have a 1-2-1 meeting to discuss any business issue. Book online on the Whos Next website or call us/ email us.
The above commitment and GFM Challenge is not applicable at Whos' Next.

There has not been any issue so far. One reason being is that we have a process.

We engage with all the Whos Next clients with the following process (unless they reject it):
1. Clients shares the opportunities, challenges and questions they have before we meet
2. GFM shares a questionnaire relevant to the clients
3. The Clients shares the responses (confidentially)

4. Before we start, GFM Founder Thierry Bayle knows whether he can help the Client or not and can therefore accept or refuse the meeting (and get the money refunded).

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