Mary Jardine, Jardine of London - What are the challenges in 2018?

Opportunities and Challenges for a fashion Brand in 2018.

As we are moving in a world where the only constant is change, what are the opportunities and challenges that we face as a Fashion Brand.

Our interview with Mary Jardine is very insightful. 
Do you see 2018 as a glass half empty or half full?

Mary Jardine is the Founder of Jardine of London, luxury leather handbags Made in England.

Mary Jardine:
I can see the main challenge for fashion brands in the coming year will be finding the resources to keep up with the increasing pace of online technology.
In today's shifting market to online shopping having the resources to keep up with your fellow competitors is a tough one.

Social Media is obviously key. You have a nano-second to hold someones interest as they flick from website to website, platform to platform, Facebook to Instagram etc on their phone. Technology is developing so fast - including the new 'voice search' craze such as Siri and Alexa.

I believe the brands that started on-line first and then expand to bricks and mortar presence stand the best opportunity of success in 2018.

In a way I think the biggest challenge is in fact also the biggest opportunity for 2018.

Q: What is your take on Online Shopping?
Mary: Online sales are exploding and will continue to do so in the coming year. The key surely is making sure you are somehow different.
Whether this is strengthening the personal customer service you already have in place, highlighting your products authenticity/origins, or embedding your story further. Somehow, you have to dig deeper to stand out from the crowd.

The other obvious challenge for UK brands will be the uncertainty of the on-going negotiations of Brexit.

We need to wave our flag and keep waving it. I think this could also be one of the biggest opportunities we are likely to see, certainly in my lifetime, to attract international sales to buy British.
We are renowned worldwide for our good quality products - lets make the most of the spotlight we are having on our country and attract those all important sales.

So in a nutshell - if you are able to pull on your resources - I believe the challenges for 2018 are in fact also the opportunities - you just have to make it happen to take advantage of this extraordinary window we have.



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