How to prepare for Brexit: Get on a plane & start selling abroad

Today's guest on BBC 4 was right:
Jeremy Schwartz (CEO The body Shop ) "Get on a plane and start selling abroad".
Start also building your online business.

Brexit creates uncertainty as nobody knows precisely what the UK trading partners will grant to the UK.
It is therefore imperative for every organisation, Fashion  Brand and Retailer to embrace change and progress and start investment today.
The staff must be business creative and agile to respond to new trends and new conditions.

How to be successful in setting up and managing this new organisation?

You need to bring critical thinking inside the business.

Ask your staff to leave their ego on the hanger at the door!

Just interview 10 Brands who have decided to invest on a trade show or sales agent in the USA.
See how many have been successful. Get the real inside story how successful was the invesment and return on investment in season 1/2/3.
Ask them if they were to do it again better, what would they change to prepare themselves.

Over 72% of Brands take little or no training before going to the USA and yet one word and one wrong sentence will get you to lose an order. 
We know it happens, we know why it happens and we know what needs to be done.

Call us anytime to discover the truth!

As we will be acting as Brand & Retail Expert at international trade show WHO'S NEXT, we speak with a minimum of 120 people through the individual meetings and the workshops we deliver.

Did you know that more than 3/4 of retailers do have have the right retail logic or do not apply this logic and therefore they are taking less profits than they could do.
Most retailers do not know what they are selling!

Why do we say that?
Because they tell us that the dress class is doing 30% of total sales, they are totally in the dark as far as whether they are selling 10% short dresses and 20% long dresses or the reverse.
The consequence of that of course is that you give too much discounts in one class and you are under-stocked in the other and you are losing sales and LOSING CUSTOMERS!
When the questions are asked, they provide the right answer yet they were not challenged before anddid nothing about it.

Sometimes, we do not know what we do not know!
And nobody knows it all.
At GFM we ensure that we challenge you as much as you challenge us. 

Who is challenging you in the business today? It cannot be a yes man or a staff member who will be afraid of losing his/her job when being honest.


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