Brexit - How to improve negotiation skills?

The Brexit negotiations are a good example of how you should manage negotiation for your Brand or Retail business.


The European Union has imposed that before we can talk about the trade deals, we must first discuss the 3 priorities below
* The divorce bill
* The rights of EU nationals currently living in the UK
* The border between Ireland and Northern Ireland

What are your priorities and are those at the top of the agenda and at the top of your mind (and the one of your team if you share them) to ensure the organisation can move forward.

How acceptable do you find it for a Brand to exhibit at a USA trade show and invest a minimum of $6000/ 10 000 and when you ask the owner
* what are the goals for the investment?
* what are the targets you have set up? ... 
the answer you get is:
I cannot have a goal as it is the first time I am going to the USA.

This means that the probability to get the highest return on investment is not possible.
It also means that you will do little or nothing to learn the market before you go and we know how thefirst impression counts. 
Do you truly believe that if you make a mistake, the buyer, agents, US prospective client or service provider will act as your free consultant?

No, they will not act as consultant or coach.
You will undermine your growth opportunities and you have not even started selling in the USA.

By doing this you allow to better understand the process and logic behind the work that needs to be done and you allow yourself the better negotiate the price.

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