Shocking Mistakes Brands make every season

After 25 years of international experience and after having spoken to thousands of Brands, it is sad to say that the same mistakes happen every season.

How much is that costing YOUR Brand? In terms of wasted time and money.

These shocking mistakes can be super basic to more complex however, you will never live long enough to do them all
SO why not learn from the competition and the others?

We can sort out all those mistakes and especially those affecting your cash and profitability in 4 to 8 hours. Deal or no deal?

Don't take our word for it.
Call or email us.
By sharing a task you do and the process you use, we will show you how we can improve the task's outcome and results by improving the process and delivery. 


What do you see on the left? What do you see on the right?

 shocking mistakes - fashion
Traditionally, people see a red dot and orange rectangle.
We see a CYLINDER. It is because we have a different perspective and a different experience from others.

shocking mistakes - fashion

Now click here to see what we see and now you understand why Clients appreciate our perspective on every opportunity and challenges you face.
Where you see a red flag, we see a green flag.
Where you see a green flag, we see a red flag.

We will share with you how to generate more sales without investing more.


30 Business cards for a 3-day trade show
We recommend our clients to have around 50 cards per day and that includes the setup day as you need to network on that day as well.
If you are going to stay longer and you will be attending evening parties and networking events then you could be adding another 20 to 30 cards on these days.
On a few occasions, shouldn't you be giving your contacts 2 business cards: one for them and one for a referral!

A price list with 3 currencies 
We understand the reason why you want to make it easy ON YOU (and not the buyer!) and create just ONE price list where the Buyer can see your wholesale price point in €, £ and $.
However, our Clients and prospects we spoke to have been losing orders as the above solution is asking the Buyers to focus on the exchange rate rather than focusing on buying the goods.
More often than not, if you are a European Brand heading to the USA, the price list is comparing apples and pears.
Because often the £ and € price list is DDP (delivered duty paid) and the $ prices are FOB (free on board). Moreover, we have seen many price lists where the FOB/ DDP terms were not even indicated on the sheet!
If your Team does not understand FOB/ DDP, then you cannot go to the USA unprepared. You will not take orders and if you do, most probably those orders may not be delivered or paid.

Board in the front window of the Boutique stating ‘Back in 15 minutes’
When a client arrives 13 minutes after you left, he/she will think that we have to wait for another 15mn before the store re-opens.
Have a board stating "Back at 2.15pm". So simple, so true and you show you respect his/ her time.

Emails to Buyers without a phone number, a professional signature and clickable links
We are in copy of many Brands' emails to Buyers.
They fail to have a phone number and links to access key information about your Brand, value-added and collection. Many of our Retail clients hate when they have to waste time.

Weak or Total absence of measurable goals
As we say, if you can't measure it, you can't fix it. Many Brand owners do not like numbers and do not force the Team to have measurable goals.
When a client tells us, he wants to generate 3/5 orders at a show or 20 or 100, we cannot suggest the same identical process, human and financial resources.

Missing the Expertise to save 20-40% on duty you pay to US Customs
As we know the USA market well, we know some tools and concepts we can share with you to ensure you can save up to 40% on the duty you currently pay (when the conditions are right and legally of course). 

We can add a few more about
Retail - Buying and merchandising
Trade Shows - No connecting with Buyers prior to the Show
Staff - Not putting enough (no) training when on-boarding is delivered 
Project management - Having little or no brief

Share your documents, tasks or share your processes and let us show you how the Buyers and Agents read them!

Before we work together, we will send you an NDA.


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