Gareth Southgate - Keep on learning

Some time ago, the Manager of the England Squad Gareth Southgate highlighted something we often forget:
"You're always learning...".

Whether we refer to the economy or sports, managing people and events is more complex. Change is the only constant and we all have no choice but to keep on learning!
By working with or studying the NFL or the Spanish and German Teams, Gareth Southgate and the England Squad have learnt a lot.

In the current climate it is your opportunity to shine by being proactive. Together, we can share what has been successful with your colleagues and also what they told us does not work.

Start today and implement your growth plan with security.

What does your Team do every week to keep on learning?

Still today, over 80% of independent retailers do not track sales and stock by product categories in a meaningful way.
Over 70% of start-ups or young Designers heading to a trade show for the first time do not connect with Buyers prior to the show in a meaningful and professional way.
Some Designers have even tols us: "we can't do it as they don't know us".
Still today, we save Brands looking to export to the USA 20 to 40% on duty they are paying to US Customs. 
Recently, several Brands were approached and they were asked if they wanted to know whether they are overpaying duty. It will take no more than 3 questions and 3 minutes. They did not want to know! Yet they were importing the goods wrong....


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PS The London Fashion Business Academy is the opportunity for young Designers to learn the business of fashion in a cost effective way (with online courses). the LFBA is owned by Global Fashion Management (GFM).

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