Video - Build your next $1 Million Export Business

Thank you for your interest in this video:
The Top 6 P for successful Export Brand building!

Let us share over 25 years' international experience from Designer Brands to SMEs and Young Designers.

Learn international best practice.
Understand the golden rules you must follow to beat the competition.
Save thousands of dollar by knowing all major mistakes Brands make every season.

Watch the video and let us join you in building the action plan for your Brand.
Together we are stronger and we will happily join you in the execution phase including 
* Building a database of targeted buyers
* Taking appointments prior to a trade show
* Joining you at a trade show in Europe, the USA, Asia or beyond
* Working with you at a meeting with a key player (boutique, department store, agent, trade show, lawyer, service provider...)

Let us transfer our skills so that you know as much or more than us with time.
Fly over your competition.
See what the other Brands do not see!
Know what the other Brands do not know!

Any question, call or email us.
WhatsApp  +44 7951 198 769 / UK +44 20 8576 6233

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