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Are you frustrated that it is harder than you thought to set up and build a profitable Fashion Brand?
Are you still searching for the top tips to launch your Brand?
Do you want to grow sales and reach more buyers this season?
Are you looking to reach your next $1 million business at wholesale or retail/ Online?
Are you looking for a trusted advisor?
Are you searching for a continuous improvement state of mind?
Are you looking for funding?
Do you need a better process to find the right buyers and convert them?
Do you need to get paid on time by all your clients?
Do you need to access a database of agents and distributors worldwide?

We can help.
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Export Brand building and how to build a global and profitable Brand - Top 6 Ps for success.

Shocking Mistakes Brands make every season

After 25 years of international experience and after having spoken to thousands of Brands, it is sad to say that the same mistakes happen every season.

How much is that costing YOUR Brand? In terms of wasted time and money.

These shocking mistakes can be super basic to more complex however, you will never live long enough to do them all
SO why not learn from the competition and the others?

We can sort out all those mistakes and especially those affecting your cash and profitability in 4 to 8 hours. Deal or no deal?

Don't take our word for it.
Call or email us.
By sharing a task you do and the process you use, we will show you how we can improve the task's outcome and results by improving the process and delivery. 

Video - Build your next $1 Million Export Business

Thank you for your interest in this video:
The Top 6 P for successful Export Brand building!

Let us share over 25 years' international experience from Designer Brands to SMEs and Young Designers.

Learn international best practice.
Understand the golden rules you must follow to beat the competition.
Save thousands of dollar by knowing all major mistakes Brands make every season.

#1 mistake Brands make when launching wholesale

Building a fashion Brand does not come by chance especially in the current economic climate and with the increased competition you face.

So let's prevent this #1 mistake that many Brands make from Young Designers / Start Ups to established Designer Brands.

They start at wholesale and start connecting with trade buyers. The problem starts just here!

Athens Business of Fashion Wokshop

Export is the route to building a strong international profitable Brand.

Are you ready for it? Are you happy with your ROI at any Trade Show you exhibit at?
Are you happy from the results you get from your agents or distributors?
Does your team have the right training, experience, critical thinking, execution skills to deliver the results you have shared with them?

... We can help.

Join us with other Greek Brands on June 18th and 19th morning 2019 in Athens.


Poor credit management can kill your Brand


As you know now, building a successful global Brand does not come by chance. 
It has nothing to do with a hope strategy that many new Brands have.
However, it has everything to do with building a puzzle. Each piece is important and if one is missing the Brand or Retail store could be failing!

Today, we wish to discuss Credit Management.

We recall clearly when a French Brand approached us with over €22 000 of open invoices with clients in the UK, USA, China and Japan.

A year later, the Brand was gone!
As a reminder, worldwide, 1/3 of companies will go down because the clients are not paying the invoices on time or not at all. Can your Brand afford this mistake?

Brand Strategy - Your Roadmap to Success

Brand Strategy is the roadmap for your brand’s success. If you don’t know where you’re going, don’t expect the market to open up a niche especially for you to slot into. Brand strategy is, essentially, your brand’s DNA. While it might evolve and change over the years, just remember that without some sort of plan, you will never get where you want to be.

Your brand strategy is the plan which outlines

• The key features of your brand. It needs to tell us who your brand is (e.g., its identity and values) and what it’s about

Fox Wiliams - Legal will have no secret for you

FOX WILLIAMS, Fashion Lawyers, is regularly organising Fashion Events, seminars and networking session.

On November 27th, discover the inside story about the Agency contract and how Brexit will affect the brand/ Agent relationship.

• Duties and obligations - how parties to an agency or distributorship agreement can use duties and obligations to their advantage - Rebecca Richardson

All is good .... (so far should we add)

Over the last 4 weeks, we were discussing with 3 different prospects how was the business and the answer was simple:
"All is good - No problem".

Unlike other Brands, the owner was yet keen to open up to a candid conversation which we had after sending an NDA - non-disclosure agreement.

Then we both became serious and we started looking at real numbers, real measurable goals in the business. We did a real reality check on whether the business was prepared for a healthy 2018 end of the year and profitable 2019.

We both agreed that it was not going to be a smooth running over the next 12 to 18 months. WHY?

How to get successful delegation?

As a Business Owner, there will be a time when you cannot do everything.
The sooner you know it, the sonner you can put in place a process and training to make delegation effective.

Isn't that your goal to grow the business?

How does delegation happen? 

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