Pure London - SHOW TIME!

Pure London Trade Show has started (July 22nd to 24th 2018).

As the Fashion Industry is becoming more challenging, the question we all have is "how will we maintain or grow sales"?
At GFM, we prefer to focus on profits with the clients and act as operations improvement specialists.

They see us as Change and Growth Accelerator.

• Did you reach your measurable goals for 2017? First semester of 2018?
• What have you changed in 2018 to ensure you can see noticeable positive impacts on the results for this year?
• Do you believe we would gain better progress if we had a sounding board, coach or mentor to work with us when we face difficult decisions?

Even at GFM, we work with our partners who act as sounding board. Let's share some more questions and solutions...

Fashion Trade Shows - It's show time so get it right!


We have represented the MAGIC Show for several years and we have walked for over 20 years the various trade shows around the world.
In addition, we give advice and join our Brand clients at the shows. We also work with retail clients visiting the shows and placing orders.
Finally, we regularly deliver business seminars at key shows such as
BIFF in Bangkok, Bubble, Moda UK and Pure in London and Who's Next in Paris ...
We act as Retail / Brand Expert for Whos Next and you can therefore benefit from a free 1-2-1 meeting to discuss your challenges at Retail and Wholesale. 

Discover below some key rules to ensure your Brand can get the most from the Trade Show investment you are making. 


This objective has to be a measurable one in terms of orders to be placed and sales leads to be obtained ( include connections with the press / agents / distributors and other Fashion stakeholders including consultants ).

A successful selling strategy is about traffic and conversion. As nobody can convert 100%, you need to make sure you have enough names in the database.
The names of buyers in the database must be relevant and targeted ones otherwise you will be losing your time.

Happy Bastille Day

GFM is operating in different countries and has experience and contacts from all around the world.

Due to our French background, we like to celebrate 
BASTILLE DAY, the French National Day that takes place on July 14th.

We wish all French Nationals and France Lovers a wonderful day and we remain at your disposal to help you set up and grow your Fashion and Retail businesses.

As we love to share as much as you love to build a successful global Brand or Retail business, we will be doing a lucky draw finishing this Sunday July 15th at midnight BST and the winner will gain a 1h-free consulting.

Good Luck.

Just indicate your name/ email / tel and code 147 - comments welcomed.

A bientôt, Vive la France!

Gareth Southgate - Keep on learning

The Manager of the England Squad Gareth Southgate highlighted something we often forget:
"You're always learning...".

Whether we refer to the economy or sports, managing people and events is more complex. Change is the only constant and we all have no choice but to keep on learning!
By working with or studying the NFL or the Spanish and German Teams, Gareth Southgate and the England Squad have learnt a lot.

Russia 2018 - Gareth Southgate: Own the process!

When you are dealing with top athletes, success is 90% dependent on their state of mind.
Do you have a winning attitude?

England Squad Manager Gareth Southgate at the Russia World Cup knows it well.
In 1996, England had to face Germany for the penalty shoot-out and he missed the goal.

Against Colombia this July 2018, Gareth was able to turn around bad memories and made the England Squad over-perform. Congratulations.
They are on the way to the finals. They will first need to defeat Croatia.

How to tell if you need a Mentor

People often assume that leaders automatically come up with the right answers because of the position they hold.
The thought is that “they wouldn’t be leaders if they didn’t come up with the right solutions most of the time.” One would like to think so, but the reality is different.
The leader of a business or organisation on Monday morning, may have ‘only’ been an executive last Friday.
On Friday, they were good, perhaps very good, but not perfect.

How did they become perfect over the two days between subordinate and boss roles?

Gift & Home trade shows

Show Time as we say!

Trade Shows are a great opportunity to
*connect with domestic and international buyers.
*speak with dozens if nt hundreds of buyers and other fashion stakeholders
*learn new ways to build your sales, marketing and export skills, processes and contacts

However they do not come cheap and a mistake can easily cost you £3000 to £10 000.

What are the trade shows to remember in the Gift, Accessories and Home arena?

Marches Growth Hub - Retail Workshop

Are you a retailer in Shrewsbury or within Shropshire or Telford, come and attend for free a Retail Workshop focusing on Retail Buying and Merchandising.

We will deal and answer questions like:

  • How to rev up your retail this Summer and wave goodbye to heavy discounting
  • How to better negotiate with Brands 
  • Why the 2-season concept (SS and AW) is dead How to get £7756.91 credit from a Brand 
  • How to improve your gross profit by 43% next July
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