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When is the last time your staff or partners told you something you had to change in your business?
If it is not over the past 30 days then they are not having your best interest in mind or they may be afraid of upsetting you.

Build Your Brand - Is it a marathon or a sprint?

As we going through the London Marathon, it is a perfect timing to better understand if building your Fashion brand or Retail business is about a marathon or a sprint.

We want to hear your thoughts. Please connect.

Let's make sure to thank all those runners who are supporting great causes and working alongside charities.

Too many owners & executives believe that building a fashion or retail business will happen quickly.
They believe we can find the magic wand and get the Brand to be successful and profitable in just one season or just one year.
There isn't a week passing by without GFM receiving the follwoing request:
"I just want a buyer"
"I just need an agent"

Global Sourcing - How to keep the cost down?

As a Brand or Retail business, we face extreme competition (if you don't, do let us know, we will write a blog post on you. You deserve it!).
We therefore need to procure our goods as cheaply as possible. 

It is all the most difficult and challenging as the retail price of goods is the same and sometimes even going down while at the same time transport, salaries, rent are going up.

To get the cost of goods down, there is only one thing to do:
be a specialist of the nitty-gritty like in the autombile industry!
The GFM-Pevali partnership is about just that.

GFM in the French Trade Press: L'Essentiel Footwear

The founder of GFM, Thierry Bayle, acts as Retail Expert for the International French Trade Show WHO'S NEXT in Paris and it was the opportunity to meet the Editor in Chief of the French Trade Magazine l'ESSENTIEL.

A few minutes later, discover some top tips to improve your retail sales and profits using the right KPIs (Key Performance Indicators).

Every CEO or Retail Business Owner must have the right dashboard and look at the right KPIs every week, fortnight or month depending on the size of your boutique.

Happy Easter ...

Free advice for you if you register with us between Saturday April 15th and Sunday midnight April 16th 2017.



HAPPY EASTER to your Family and yourself.

We will help you discover the golden eggs you have in your back garden.

They exist, we promise you.

Fashion USA Workshop - Benefits expected

Learn to Sell Your Fashion Brand in the USA

If you are planning to sell your fashion brand in the US (or are already selling there but with limited success), our unique workshop will take you through the detailed preparation process for setting up a successful business in the US.

The workshop is highly interactive and has been designed to make your learning curve as short as possible.
It is available as a webinar, live in London (and other worldwide destinations - call or email for more details) and it can also be delivered at your office

It will enable you to:

Fashion United or Fashion vs United

On April 9th, a United Airlines customer on a flight from Chicago to Louisville was dragged out of the plane due to seats that needed to be given to crew members awaited in Louisville the next day.
It was done by security personnel in such a violent way that the customer had blood on his face and the videos of the incident were all over the internet.

Even though it does not take away the responsibility from United Airlines, the flight the customer was boarding was a United Express flight run by Republic Airlines.

When there is an overbooking (and/or possibly the need to find a seat for a crew member), the airlines have the duty to offer compensation which we understand can go up to $1350 however only $800 was offered to the customer (according to sources via CNN). 

HOMEBASE Employee Recruitment, Training & Management,

Let's go through what has happened at Homebase which highlights what could be happening to every CEO or Business owner managing a retail operation - small or large!

Imagine 4 tills and 2 having problems on a busy Sunday.
First till, the lady cannot change the printer till roll.
After being helped by a manager and minutes later, the first till and the one next to her did not have cash to give change to a client paying with a £20 bank note.
The queue did not move while those 2 incidents occurred and customers were becoming impatient, with reason! 

Boat Races - Oxford & Cambridge Teams at Hammersmith

Another strong tradition allows Oxford & Cambridge to compete every year!

The yearly Boat Races taking place from Putney tyo Mortlake and going through Hammersmith Bridge will attract thousands of people on Sunday April 2nd 2017.

The first race took place in 1829 and became a yearly tradition since 1856.

Let's share a few images and the preparation to this big event!
Are you supporting Cambridge or Oxford?

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