How to tell if you need a Mentor

People often assume that leaders automatically come up with the right answers because of the position they hold.
The thought is that “they wouldn’t be leaders if they didn’t come up with the right solutions most of the time.” One would like to think so, but the reality is different.
The leader of a business or organisation on Monday morning, may have ‘only’ been an executive last Friday.
On Friday, they were good, perhaps very good, but not perfect.

How did they become perfect over the two days between subordinate and boss roles?

Fashion Trade Shows - It's show time so get it right!


We have represented the MAGIC Show for several years and we have walked for over 20 years the various trade shows around the world.
In addition, we give advice and join our Brand clients at the shows. We also work with retail clients visiting the shows and placing orders.
Finally, we regularly deliver business seminars at key shows such as
BIFF in Bangkok, Bubble, Moda UK and Pure in London and Who's Next in Paris ...
We act as Retail Expert for Whos Next and you can therefore benefit from a free 1-2-1 meeting to discuss your challenges at Retail and Wholesale. 

Discover below some key rules to ensure your Brand can get the most from the Trade Show investment you are making. 


This objective has to be a measurable one in terms of orders to be placed and sales leads to be obtained ( include connections with the press / agents / distributors and other Fashion stakeholders including consultants ).

A successful selling strategy is about traffic and conversion. As nobody can convert 100%, you need to make sure you have enough names in the database.
The names of buyers in the database must be relevant and targeted ones otherwise you will be losing your time.

£50 000 Funding - GFM & CEO Mentoring

Funding to Support SMEs in the Fashion Business

Aimed at incorporating experience through mentoring and subject matter expert services Global Fashion Management (GFM), a niche player in the global fashion services space based out of the UK, has made available a £ 50,000 fund to subsidise initiatives to help small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in the fashion business to incorporate robust mananagement practices.

This programme is funded and carried out in conjunction with CEO Mentoring (CEOM), a global player in mentoring services, which provides Mentors and Subject Matter Experts to the SMEs through its global network.

Twitter - Monday Motivation

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With the boutique approach work we do, we welcome your questions, opportunities and challenges and looking forward to discussing them with honesty and transparency.

When is the last time your staff or partners told you something you had to change in your business?
If it is not over the past 30 days then they are not having your best interest in mind or they may be afraid of upsetting you.

Free Q&A every last Friday of the month

From June to September 2017, we will be helping Fashion Brands build a stronger wholesale business in their domestic market and internationally, we are therefore offering a free phone conversation and Questions & Answers every last Friday of the month between 12pm to 1pm UK Time.

Talking to Buyers (And Selling More)

Having managed to persuade some buyers to let you come and talk to them or to stop by your stand at a show, remember that however wonderful your product may be, it won’t sell itself. When you’re trying to clinch the deal, what you say (and how you say it) makes the difference between getting no further or moving on to the next level.

Which brands work well with yours?

No brand is an island and when you’re selling to multilabel stores, you need to have a good idea of which brands work well with yours, so do your homework! 

Find closed doors! Why?

Have you faced recently this strange feeling that Retailers or Agents are not responding to your calls, emails or face to face interactions?

Traditionally, we blame it on them.
It's natural and partly true however let's make sure we have critical thinking inside the business and let's see the reasons why it's happening.

Drapers Operations Forum

June 8th 2017, the Forum starts.

The big chunk of the Fashion Industry is made of small and medium size companies and after over 20 years in the Business of Fashion with operations expertise with a strong focus in Europe and the USA with all the Fashion Stakeholders and several hundreds case studies, there is one easy conclusion:

we often fail to build up strong operations expertise and implementation skills in a timely manner.

How to face the loneliness in Leadership?

The loneliness of leadership When we speak of "leadership" most people unsurprisingly think of CEOship.
The reality is that although CEOs are certainly leaders, there are other leaders in the organisation apart from the CEO.
Every person who has the responsibility for other people, is a leader of those people, regardless of where in the organisation they find themselves.

The CEO is the leader of the entire organisation, but the field supervisors, for example, are responsible for, and the leaders of, the people and functions under their control. A leader is frequently very lonely in the role - not because they don't have people to talk to, but because they can't say certain things to certain people.

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