Free webinar - How to build a profitable and global Fashion Brand

Event for all Young & Emerging Designers who are serious about settting up, managing and growing a Fashion Brand.

Get access to over 25 years international experience in the business of fashion with a truly 360° holistic approach from strategy to execution.

Imagine the power you will have if you understand the golden rules for success.

Imagine the power you will have if you know over 90% of the mistakes your competitors have made.

Fun Facts in Fashion/ Retail (or are those BIG mistakes)

After 25 years working in the business of fashion from strategy to execution, we see a lot of stories:

the good, the bad and the ugly - Many can be fun, many can be fun and sad as there are mistakes made by Brands & Retailers.

Listen to this video and share it. Your comments mean a lot to us so feel free to email or call us.

Royal Wedding - Prince Harry & Meghan Markle

May 19th 2018, the world is changing....
The British Royal Family is accepting a new member in the Family.
Prince Harry is marrying Meghan Makle: a Royal Wedding  we are anxious to see.

Weddings are important to us as it helps us do a parallel between Fashion and Love.
It reminds us of a conversation we had with a Singaporean Designer in Paris. As we were explaining the Buyer/Seller relationship, the Designer said:
"it's like courting". She was right 100%!

Why choose GFM

Our latest podacast is about why clients choose GFM as their Fashion and Retail Growth Expert

What do clients appreciate about GFM?

1. Critical thinking
2. Positivism & full energy
3. Honesty & transparency
4. Operations improvement

Buyers - How to treat their time with respect? GFM PODCAST

Are you looking to grow sales with trade buyers?
Do you know what are the common mistakes that Fashion Brands make?

1. Not treating the Buyer's time with respect

2. Forgetting that the Buyers needs to gain trust and confidence from you & your Brand

3. Assuming that just ONE phone cal or ONE email is sufficient to get the Buyer to place an order. See mistake #2: is ONE god enough to build trust?

GFM Podcast channel.

ITS Technology offer with the LBHF

Give your business a digital boost with a dedicated ultrafast pure fibre internet connection!

If you are a business inside the London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham the this is FOR YOU.

Gigabit Voucher Scheme Up to £3,000 of Funding available in Hammersmith & Fulham.
ITS Technology Group has been an authorised supplier of the government’s initiative to subsidise full fibre connections since it started in 2017. The extended £67m scheme is designed to encourage the take up of services on full fibre connectivity, rather than FTTC, as it offers the fastest, most reliable and resilient connection available.

How Do You Take Advantage of This Offer? If you are a small business you can apply for a Gigabit voucher here.


Premium Brexit: Fashion will promote us to the World

As Brexit is just round the corner, we ALL need to be focused on Exports.
Export does not come cheap and mistakes can easily happen and evern possibly jeopardise the business.

The positive effects of export way exceed any negative you can think about.
So, take action today and invest now as you are a profitable business. We will join you from strategy to execution and work alongside the Management Team and front line staff.

Fashion is the BEST Ambassador for Britain pre & post Brexit. 

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