Retail & Luxury - How to open & manage your Branded store

Recently, we were working with a former client and reviewing the Retail strategy they took 2 years ago with success.
We now have the visibility to say it.
As a Brand, you know it is critical to establish a strong Brand awareness and having one's own physical store is key. It is also essential to have  direct feedback from clients and not through the the independent retailers you are selling to.

At the same time, we live in a complex and unpredictable world and running a profitable retail store is tough. Managing retail requires new skills, people and processes and they are far away from those you may know by heart when running your Wholesale business.

What was the 1 idea that the client implemented to deliver a profitable business right away?

Brand Vision - Where Do You Want to Go?

Close your eyes...
Think about where you want to be in the next 3 – 5 years?
How does your Brand look like?
Who are your customers? What is your Brand image? What does the Press or Social Media say about you?
Think carefully.
It is your vision and it’s essential that you have this in mind at all times. This will form the basis of your strategy and your business plan.

3 things no one tells you about the USA ...

Do you want to learn what kills your investment you are making when you decide to exhibit at a USA trade show ( Atelier - Capsule - Coterie - Designers&Agents - Magic - Mrket - Platform - Project - Man/Woman ...)?

Do you want to learn why you get the buyer and the agent/distributor to work against you and not for you?

The 3 things you need to know about the USA market.
Why do we know those 3 things? (and much more)

Because the Founder of GFM had to manage over $40M dollars in the USA, work with all the fashion stakeholders and has done it for over 20 years alongside Designer Brands, SMEs and Young Designers.

Give us 10mn of your time and a specific opportunity or challenge and you will see the value added we will bring (with honesty and transparency).

How to save '000 in legal fees?

Running a business is exciting.
However, it carries a lot of challenges from
1. setting up the right company structure (you may want a lawyer to get it right the first time),

2. having the right contract to protect your Brand, its IP (intellectual property), the working relationship with staff and partners... 


3. selling the business to focus on your new challenge.

For the above tasks and many more, a lawyer is welcome. 
How to save '000 of £, $ or € while using professional lawyers?

Is the death of the Independent Label imminent?

Jack Sunnucks (one of the bright lights from Central Saint Martins) at i-D magazine raises an important point which is something of an elephant in the room:

What is the future for independent labels?

There is, after all, an undeniable practicality to choosing to be part of one of the big labels, rather than hoping to win against competition and adversity to find solo success.
When some of the greatest names known actually follow that path despite having massively successful track records of their own, ending up as a key player at LVMH or another giant international operation, why should younger designers not consider this?

Trade Show Investment – Don’t Hesitate to Negotiate!

As I wandered around some of the tradeshows selling the new collection, I was struck yet again by the number of brands I spoke to who told me they had only decided to exhibit there at the last minute, following an invitation from the show (also known as a sales pitch from the sales team).

While exhibiting at a tradeshow can be a very effective way of boosting sales, taking the plunge like this can have its drawbacks. If you can negotiate with the show, you should be able to get a better deal, resulting in a win-win situation for both of you: they will get repeat business from you and you can make more sales.

Sweden Fashion on the UK High street

Swedish Fashion has had a significant presence on the UK High Street since 1976, when H&M opened their first store outside Sweden in London. In recent years, we’ve seen the arrival and growth of another Swedish store, Cos, followed by Weekday, & Other Stories and Monki. This Summer, they’ve been joined by Arket.

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When is the last time your staff or partners told you something you had to change in your business?
If it is not over the past 30 days then they are not having your best interest in mind or they may be afraid of upsetting you.

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