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When is the last time your staff or partners told you something you had to change in your business?
If it is not over the past 30 days then they are not having your best interest in mind or they may be afraid of upsetting you.

How Mentoring Works (and Why You Might Need One)

The Greek philosopher Heraclitus may not actually have said ‘Change is the only constant’, but it’s a concept which has preoccupied us for well over 2,000 years, simply because change can be difficult to accept and even harder to implement.

And never more so than now! It’s at times like this, when things are changing almost faster than we can register, that we turn to our leaders for guidance and reassurance.

Whether in business, politics or religion, leadership is never easy.

How to manage your store? The CEO's dashboard

Our last retail appointments have highlighted a serious issue when dealing with Business Owners.
They do not have a dashboard to look at and therefore they fail to understand what is happening in their business.

On occasion,  they have a dashboard but it is the wrong one (make sure that there is enough critical thinking in the business and therefore the question is "who is coaching or mentoring the top management?" - Call us for advice). 

The purpose of this blog post is not to be THE dashboard you need to implement but it can certainly be a minimum you want to look at.

By sitting down together, we will understand your business, your goals and set up the dashboard in NO MORE THAN 4 HOURS. 
Let's not waste time or money.
Let's not delay taking action as we are never far away from some key months and retail has high fixed expenses from rent, stock and salary.

What should you review every 2 weeks or every month:

Branding, Branding, Branding (and BRANDING!)

If you’re taking your brand to a tradeshow for the first time this season, may I state the totally obvious and say, ‘Don’t forget the branding’? It sounds silly, but sometimes at tradeshows I see new brands exhibiting who have clearly decided to go to the show at the last minute, often flattered by an ‘invitation’ from a tradeshow desperate to fill space.

Their booth may well be showing gorgeous clothes, but sometimes the owners have given little or no thought to the branding of their space. How then, are busy buyers supposed to easily remember this brand when looking through the catalogue later (should they even have the time to do this)?

SPECIAL PROMOTION - This month event

We thank you for visiting our web site and due to the launch of a series of new products and services, we give you the opportunity to try us at a very special price.

Retail / Wholesale - 4 hours consulting, operations audit and execution    
Normal Price £ 400 + VAT                 This month: £250 + VAT (UK total £300)

Act today +44 20 8576 6233 +1 646 360 1201

Check the video in Read More.

Colette to Close After 20 Years at the Top

Colette, the uber-cool Parisian boutique on Rue Saint-Honoré, is to close its doors after 20 years. Karl Lagerfeld said last year that it’s the only shop he frequents “Because they have things no one else has.” Founder and owner Colette Rousseaux has decided that it’s time to retire and while her daughter now runs the shop on a day to day basis, Colette has always provided the inspiration and the drive to make it successful. She also lives above the shop, so when she goes, the shop will close.

While we weep into our Apérol spritz, it’s worth reflecting on some of the key factors which can make all the difference between independent retail success and failure:

Trade Shows - Top Tips and Key Questions

As we visit trade shows this season, we wish to share some top tips to increase sales and profits in your business and focus with you on Brand and Retail Management.

Looking for a sounding board to make the right decision for the Brand?
Looking to grow sales and profits in 2017?
Worried about making the wrong decisions for your business?

Take the #GFMChallenge, YOU will decide what our advice and implementation skills are worth!
Quote GFMChallenge on the phone or email. You will only pay for what you feel is right!

Now, let's share what are the top tips to boost sales in 2017? Ask yourself these key questions. 

G20 - Fashion & World leaders

As we are following the G20 Summit in Hamburg as it is hosted by Angela Merkel and the German Government, it is the perfect timing to see
what does Fashion and the G20 Summit 2017 have in common?

We are anxious to know what will come out from the conversations between the world Leaders.

G20 or 20G?

Sept 2017 - FASHION SOLUTIONS at Who's Next

Breaking News - Fashion Solutions @ Hall 7.3 - September 8/11 2017

Whos Next International Trade Show in Paris is providing even more business tools and tips to Buyers and Fashion Brands worldwide during the next season at the show.

It is the official launch of FASHION SOLUTIONS: a space dedicated to the Business of Fashion and Retail.
* Retail and Brand products and Services including business advice, legal, finance, buying and merchandising and much more
* Start Ups and Tech Start Ups to grow your Fashion Brand and Retail Business (pop up, online or brick and mortar)

Help - I just need funding! Search for investors.

Brands and Retailers are often approaching us and looking for funding or investors.

GFM can help however here are some questions you may want to consider for us or anybody else to help you.

1. Are the business plan and 3-year financials ready?

2. Is your NDA ready? (non disclosure agreement)

3. Is the Executive Summary ready? Upon a positive interest from an investor, can you confirm you alreardy have the NDA signed and the business plan can also be sent to the investor.

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