USA - How to grow sales successfully?

The USA Market offers every Brand an opportunity for success however it can reveal itself as a difficult market if you refuse to learn how it works.

We will share what we have been abe to do with people to help them grow sales in the USA in less than 4 hours.

As Fashion Brands were fed up to go there unprepared and therefore losing thousands of dollars, they have asked GFM how we could help.
We came up several years ago with the "#USAWorkshop" which delivers to your Team and yourself what you need to know before you go.
You will learn the mistakes that other brands have made and there is much more to say than what this blog post can ever take!

The best quote we were provided was
“This workshop is the Rolls Royce of Fashion information on the US market”
PARVEEN COUTURE – Farakh Parveen

71% of people believe Brexit is a challenge!

71% of the respondents to the poll considered that BREXIT was a challenge.

How do you feel?

Let's discuss how we can make a challenge be an opportunity.

We want to ensure we can voice our concerns to the Government however our future is in our hand.

The only constant is change and the rate of change is accelerating exponentially so it is our responsibility as Business Owners to set up stronger foundations to swim and not sink before and after the Brexit.

Invest in processes, 

Invest in people. 

Do you accept critical thinking? Do your staff challenge you every month?

How to increase sales? Guaranteed route to success.

The way we work in the fashion industry, as in so many other sectors, has changed dramatically over the past 20 years.  Who would have thought that we’d be using smartphones for the majority of online purchases?  That luxury brands would be sold online?  That interactive mirrors would become a key tool for stylists?  The list is endless.  Obviously we all need to keep pace in such a fast-moving business environment, but how do you maintain and grow your business and how can you stay ahead of the competition?

Global Sourcing - How to keep the cost down?

As a Brand or Retail business, we face extreme competition (if you don't, do let us know, we will write a blog post on you. You deserve it!).
We therefore need to procure our goods as cheaply as possible. 

It is all the most difficult and challenging as the retail price of goods is the same and sometimes even going down while at the same time transport, salaries, rent are going up.

To get the cost of goods down, there is only one thing to do:
be a specialist of the nitty-gritty like in the autombile industry!
The GFM-Pevali partnership is about just that.

What does GFM bring to your business?

The World has become more complex and unpredictable.
Do you agree?

As the only constant is change and change is accelerating exponentially,
what should you expect from your service providers or partners?

At GFM, clients know that working together is about

Partnership with Pevali - Global Sourcing & Quality Control

GFM prides itself to bring the Business of Fashion and Retail with honesty and transparency.

You know how challenging it can be to find the right partner whether it is a business partner, a member of staff, an agent, a PR company or web developer...
As we specialise in the "front office" with a focus on management, sales and marketing, clients have been regularly asking us to help them with sourcing, production and quality control.

We are now ready to say: YES!

PEVALI shares the same values and vision as we do and complements the over 20 years' experience we have however with a specialy in the "back office".

Twitter - Monday Motivation

Thank you for visiting our Business Blog and finding your start of the week motivation.
Discover our insight with #MondayMotivation on Twitter.

With the boutique approach work we do, we welcome your questions, opportunities and challenges and looking forward to discussing them with honesty and transparency.

When is the last time your staff or partners told you something you had to change in your business?
If it is not over the past 30 days then they are not having your best interest in mind or they may be afraid of upsetting you.

RBTE Trade Show - Poll - Your feedback welcomed!

RBTE is THE trade show for your solutions to Retail, Business and Technology questions and concerns.
Meeting at the show is possible. Call, email or tweet us and let increase sales, profits and customer traffic in your business.
Our over 20 years' experience in buying and merchandising will make a difference!

Your feedback is welcomed on the TWITTER POLL. Please share. 

SPECIAL PROMOTION - This month event

We thank you for visiting our web site and due to the launch of a series of new products and services, we give you the opportunity to try us at a very special price.

Retail / Wholesale - 4 hours consulting, operations audit and execution    
Normal Price £ 400 + VAT                 This month: £250 + VAT (UK total £300)

Act today +44 20 8576 6233 +1 646 360 1201

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