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GFM provides you with peace of minda sounding boardconsulting & execution to grow your business.

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Values: Honesty and Transparency

It is not about us, it is only about you. You need a real and honest sounding board who will challenge your decisions and help you build a global Brand and retail business. You will know where the red flag are & where the red flags are.

Build a better Business now, not later

With our holistic approach and global knowledge, learn in less than one day what other Brands and Retailers have failed to know in over 5 years.

Re-Inspired, Re-Energized, Re-Empowered for success

We have the experience, the process, the tools to change your state of mind and that of your Team. Your foundations will be strong and will withstand the ups and downs of the economy.

Over 25 years' experience at Retail and wholesale levels

We bring you a holistic approach to the Business side of Fashion - Every stakeholder and function in the company can be analysed.

An International Network

Our network covers many services your Brand or Retail business requires and it spreads across all continents.

Always thinking outside the box

We pride ourselves on thinking outside the box and we relish the chance to offer creative solutions to help your business beat the competition.

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THE Business of Fashion online solution. Learn with confidence as you benefit from over 25 years' international experience. Your investment will not break the bank.

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Gain experience and learn new skills from BRANDS PARTNERS

International clients and partners from established Designers to Young Designers.